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CONSTRUCTION ANI) DONATION AGREEMENT <br /> This Construction and Donation Agreement ("Agreement") made as of the 25th day of <br /> October, 2005, by and among ´┐Żed'jcal Cen eirs an Illinois not-for-profit-corporation <br /> ("Alexian"), Centex Homes, a Nevada general partnership ("Centex Homes") and the Village of <br /> Elk Grove, an Illinois municipal corporation (the "Villa¢e", which together with Centex Homes <br /> and Alexian is sometimes referred to as the"Parties"). <br /> Factual Backeround <br /> A. 2006 will be the fiftieth anniversary of the incorporation of the Village, and the <br /> Village has planned events to commemorate the exceptional development and growth of the <br /> Village during those fifty years. <br /> B. Centex Homes, one of the nation's premiere builders, has played an integral role <br /> in that growth and development, building many of its homes and industrial buildings during the <br /> past fifty years. <br /> C. Alexian, through its affiliate, Alexian Brothers Health System, has furnished <br /> health care services to the Village residents for many years and has, like Centex Homes, grown <br /> with the Village. <br /> D. The Village has identified a parcel of land that would be appropriate for <br /> development as a single family residence, which would be one of the last lots to be developed <br /> into single family housing within the Village. The Village has undertaken the necessary actions <br /> to create a single, buildable lot, which lot is legally described as set forth in Exhibit A and <br /> hereinafter referred to as the "Proiect Site". Alexian will ultimately become the fee simple <br /> owner of record of the Project Site. <br /> E. Upon fulfillment of the Conditions Precedent set forth in Section 2 of this <br /> Agreement, Centex Homes will build on the Project Site a single-family residence (the <br /> "Residence') and,upon substantial completion,will donate the Residence to Alexian,as set forth <br /> in this Agreement. Alexian, in turn, will conduct a charitable raffle of the Residence and the <br /> Project Site (the"Raffle"),the proceeds of which will benefit Alexian and other public charities <br /> serving the Village's residents. <br /> Now therefore, in consideration of the foregoing and other good and valuable consideration,the <br /> receipt and sufficiency of which are acknowledged,the Parties agree and covenant as follows: <br /> 1. DESCRIPTION OF RESIDENCE AND WORK. <br /> (a) The Residence will consist of a single family residence of approximately <br /> Three Thousand Two Hundred Fifty-Three square feet(3,253'), as described in outline plans and <br /> specifications described in Schedule I attached hereto and made a part hereof, which are <br /> collectively referred to as the "Contract Documents". Included as part of the Contract <br /> Documents are the additional amenities/features described in the Schedule 2 attached hereto and <br /> made a part hereof All dimensions in the Contract Documents are approximate and are subject <br /> to adjustment by Centex Homes. Centex Homes reserves the right to modify the Contract <br /> C111994`i 8669-5.001319.0016 <br />