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PACE PARATRANSIT LOCAL SHARE AGREEMENT <br />Village of Elk Grove <br />This agreement is made this day of , 2007 by and between the Suburban Bus Division <br />of the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) operating under the name and hereinafter referred to as <br />"Pace", an Illinois municipal corporation, and the Village of Elk Grove, an Illinois municipal corporation, <br />hereinafter referred to as the "Village". <br />The parties, in consideration of the mutual promises hereinafter set forth, hereby agree to the following: <br />TERM - This agreement will be in effect beginning January 1, 2008 and ending December 31, 2008. <br />2. SERVICE DESCRIPTION - The Village will participate in the financial support of the transportation <br />service described in the attached Exhibit A. Exhibit A is hereby incorporated and made a part of this <br />Agreement. <br />3. REPORTING - Pace will provide to the Village on a monthly basis, a report with the following: <br />A. Number of one-way trips. <br />B. Total Vehicle service hours (provided for Dial -A -Ride service as outlined in Exhibit A of this <br />Agreement). <br />C. A billing for Local Share, determined as outlined in Section 4 of this Agreement. <br />4. LOCAL SHARE FUNDING - Pace shall participate in the cost of funding only service provided Monday <br />through Friday. The Village agrees to reimburse Pace monthly for the Local Share incurred in <br />operating the weekday service described in Exhibit A and for 100% of the cost of providing the <br />Saturday service which is described in Exhibit A. The Village costs will be calculated in the following <br />manner: <br />A. Service Not funded by Pace -The Local Share shall be calculated by multiplying the number of <br />vehicle service hours provided by the contractor's hourly rate, minus fare'revenue for such service. <br />B. Service Funded by Pace - <br />1. The Total Expense of the project will be calculated by multiplying the actual number of vehicle <br />service hours delivered per this Agreement by the hourly rate charged to Pace by the <br />Contractor. Operating Deficit will be defined as Total Expense less fare revenue. <br />2. The Pace Contribution will be the lesser of 1) 75% of the actual Operating Deficit attributed to a <br />maximum of 7,073 vehicle hours of service, 2) $2.25 multiplied by the number of one-way <br />passenger trips, or 3) $88,762. <br />The Pace Contribution shall be calculated monthly on a year-to-date basis to adjust lur actual <br />vehicle hours of service and ensure that the annual Pace Contribution is not depleted in <br />advance bcforc the end of the term of this agreement. <br />The Local Share is the Total Expense, as described in Section 4.13.1., minus fares, minus the <br />Pace Contribution. <br />3. The Village shall pay Pace within thirty (30) days of receiving the monthly bill for service costs <br />for both Pace -funded services and non Pace -funded services. <br />4. In addition to the Local Share described above, the Municipality agrees to subsidize/reimburse <br />Pace for fare revenue associated with semi -scheduled service outlined in the Exhibit A service <br />description. The Pace minimum fare of $0.80 times the number of trips for semi -scheduled <br />service will be billed monthly with the Local Share. <br />5. AMENDMENT - This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties hereto. Any <br />proposed changes in this Agreement shall be submitted to Pace for its prior approval. Except for minor <br />2008 LSA Page 1 Village of Elk Grove <br />