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Exhibit"A" <br /> 46 Lively Boulevard, Elk Grove Village, Illinois <br /> Cook County Class 6B Tax Abatement <br /> Information Supporting Finding of Special Circumstances <br /> Meisystem,Inc. <br /> 3166 S. River Rd.,Suite 130 <br /> Des Plaines,Illinois 60018 <br /> (847) 803-3666 <br /> • The warehouse building at 46 Lively Boulevard (the "Property") is particularly suited to <br /> rehabilitation for use as a U.S. headquarters, distribution center and warehouse for <br /> Meisystem, Inc., the U.S. affiliate of MEI S.r.L, an international designer and manufacturer <br /> of specialized equipment used in the manufacture of eyeglasses. <br /> • If Class 6B tax abatement is provided, Meisystem, Inc. is prepared to spend in excess of <br /> $800,000.00 to acquire and rehabilitate the Property for the aforesaid use, but without such <br /> tax abatement the proposed rehabilitation will not be economically feasible and <br /> Meisystem, Inc. will not be able to fully utilize and occupy the Property. If fully utilized <br /> and occupied, the Property will support six full-time jobs in the near term, with capacity to <br /> add more jobs in the future, for Meisystem, Inc. <br /> • The Property presently has been vacant for approximately one year. As a consequence of <br /> the current severe economic recession, it is highly unlikely that the Property would be <br /> occupied within the next 12 to 18 months if Meisystem; Inc. does.not complete its <br /> proposed rehabilitation of the Property. <br /> • Due to the current economic recession and rising unemployment, it is in the interest of Elk <br /> Grove Village and its residents to support Meisystem, Inc.s request for Class 6B tax <br /> abatement relief in order to add new jobs in the community at a time when they are most <br /> needed. <br />