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CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL AND INITIAL ACCEPTANCE <br />SUBDIVISION: Dierking Terrace Reconstruction _ <br />(Project Name/Phase...... etc.) <br />Request is hereby made by Gullo International Development Corp. <br />to the Village of Elk Grove Village to approve the subdivision/project described above. <br />The following information is submitted in support of this request: <br />(X) Deed of Conveyance/Bill of Sale <br />(X) As -Built Engineering Drawings (3 -print sets/1 mylar set) <br />(X) Bill of Materials (material type, quantities and cost) <br />t ) Maintenance Guarantee (Bond, Letter of Credit...etc.) <br />OWNER(S)/DEVELOPER(S): Gullo International Development Corp. <br />ADDRESS: 1100 Landmeier Road <br />Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 <br />TELEPHONE: 847.364.7000 <br />REFERENCE: <br />Plan No. Sheets 30v=3 , Dated I% -Z$ -0o & specrfications. <br />Prepared by Burns & McDonnell <br />and approved by the Village of Elk Grove Village. <br />continued.... <br />