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ORDINANCE NO. 3159 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE VILLAGE CODE <br />BY ADDING THERETO ARTICLE 3, CHAPTER 22: SINGLE FAMILY <br />RENTAL UNITS BUSINESS LICENSE <br />WHEREAS: The Village of Elk Grove Village (hereinafter "Village") is a home <br />rule unit of government as setforth and established by the Constitution of the State of <br />Illinois; and, <br />WHEREAS: Single family homes located in the Village are rented to third <br />parties to occupy as a. means of generating revenue to the property owner; and, <br />WHEREAS: Single Family rental homes are a significant investment on the part <br />of the property owner; and, <br />WHEREAS: Single family homes in Elk Grove Village are predominately <br />located in areas absent of homeowner's associations and associated rules, regulations, <br />and covenants of said associations that control the property; and, <br />WHEREAS: The Village has a need to communicate with the owner(s) of rental <br />homes in the Village from time to time to abate public safety issues, nuisance complaints, <br />or otherwise communicate information to the homeowner concerning the status of the <br />home or neighborhood; and, <br />WHEREAS: To effectively conduct this communication, the Village finds it <br />necessary to know who owns, occupies, and manages single family homes being rented <br />in the Village; and, <br />WHEREAS: The Village Board. has determined that the best method of <br />obtaining this information is to establish a Business License for Single Family Rental <br />Units. <br />NOW, THEREFORE' BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and Board of Trustees <br />of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Cook and DuPage Counties, Illinois as follows: <br />