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UPS DROP BOX AGREEMENT <br /> THIS AGREEMENT is dated the 2nd day of November,2009,between United Parcel Service, Inc. <br /> ("UPS") and the undersigned "Owner." In consideration of mutual benefits to Owner and UPS of the <br /> availability of a UPS Drop Box(s)at the location(s)described herein and the mutual agreements set forth <br /> below, Owner hereby grants UPS a license to maintain and replace its existing UPS Drop Box(s) for the receipt <br /> of UPS Air Services shipments at the location(s)in the building(s)owned by Owner identified on Attachment A <br /> which is made a part hereof. <br /> The term of this Agreement shall be for one year(s), commencing on November 13, 2009 and ending on <br /> November 12, 2012 (the"Initial Term"). Unless terminated by either party, the Agreement may be <br /> automatically renewed for three (3)additional terms(each a "Renewal Term") of one(1)year(s)each. The <br /> Agreement may be terminated by either party upon twenty(30)days written notice. <br /> In consideration of said license,UPS hereby agrees to pay the Owner the total fee of$325.00 each for <br /> the 8 locations(see Attachment A) in the annual amount of$2, 600.00. In addition, there will be a one-time <br /> pro-rated amount of$54.00 covering the one month lease for the drop boxes at 2435 E Devon and 1101 Nerge <br /> Road (which will be removed on December 14, 2009). <br /> The Drop Box(s) shall be installed and maintained at the sole expense of UPS. Owner agrees to notify <br /> UPS if the Drop Box(s)needs to be relocated to another location on the property. UPS agrees to indemnify, <br /> defend and hold harmless the Owner and Owner's Building Manager against loss or damage to third persons <br /> and property resulting directly from the installation and use of the Drop Box(s), and not resulting from <br /> negligent or wrongful acts of Owner,Building Manager or their agents, employees or servants. <br /> Owner acknowledges that UPS may occasionally provide promotional materials including, but not <br /> limited to brochures, posters or other information designed to increase awareness of the UPS Drop Box among <br /> building tenants. Owner agrees to make available to tenants informational materials provided by UPS and work <br /> with UPS to identify additional opportunities(e.g.,property newsletter). <br /> This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their heirs, successors <br /> and assigns. This Agreement cancels and supersedes all previous oral and written agreements between the <br /> parties concerning the installation of UPS Drop Box(s) at the location specified herein. <br /> OWNER: UPS: <br /> Elk Grove Village United Parcel Servic , Inc. <br /> �J4, <br /> Company <br /> By: Craig B. Johnson, Mayor By: <br /> (Authorized Representative) (Authorized Agent) <br /> Craig B.Johnson Nedra Washington <br /> (Print Name) (Print Name) <br /> Title: Mayor <br /> C <br /> Date: December 8, 2009 Date: <br /> Mailing Address: Attn: Beth Jacobsen Mailing Address: United Parcel Service-BD <br /> Elk Grove Village, 901 Wellington, 1400 S Jefferson St, Chicago,IL 60607 <br /> Elk Grove Village, EL 60007 <br /> Phone Number: 847439-3900 Fax: 847-357-4044 Phone Number: 312-942-7726 Fax: 312-942-7721 <br /> #223855 Rev. 1/07 <br />