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FOURTH AMENDMENT TO AGREEMENT BETWEEN <br />REDSPEED ILLINOIS, LLC AND THE <br />ELK GROVE VILALGE FOR THE <br />INSTALLATION AND OPERATION OF AN AUTOMATED <br />TRAFFIC LAW ENFORCEMENT SYSTEM <br />This Amendment to Agreement between RedSpeed Illinois, LLC and the Elk Grove <br />Village for the Installation and Operation of an Automated Traffic Law Enforcement System (the <br />"Amendment") made this 9`h day of March . 2010 by and between REDSPEED <br />ILLINOIS, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company ("RedSpeed") and the Elk Grove Village, <br />an Illinois municipal corporation ("Municipality"); <br />WITNESSETH: <br />WHEREAS, RedSpeed and Municipality executed and delivered that certain Agreement <br />between RedSpeed and the Municipality for the Installation and Operation of an Automated <br />Traffic Law Enforcement System (the "Agreement") on September 25, 2007; and <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to the Introductory Paragraph of Exhibit A to the Agreement <br />RedSpeed and Municipality agreed to the subsequent identification of the enforced intersections <br />as warranted by community safety and traffic needs, which designation. would then be <br />incorporated into an amendment to the Agreement (the "Designated Intersection Clause"); and <br />WHEREAS, RedSpeed and Municipality have agreed to amend the Agreement to <br />conform with the Designated Intersection Clause as herein provided. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the Agreement is amended as of the date hereof as follows: <br />All capitalized terms used herein shall have the same meaning as is ascribed to <br />them in the Agreement, unless otherwise defined herein. <br />2. This Amendment may be executed in counterparts and all so executed shall <br />constitute one and the same Amendment. The parties intend to sign and deliver <br />this Amendment by facsimile transmission. Each party agrees that the delivery of <br />the Amendment by facsimile shall have the same force and effect as delivery of <br />original signatures and that each party may use such facsimile signatures as <br />evidence of the execution and delivery of the Amendment by all parties to the <br />same extent that an original signature could be used. As used herein, the term <br />"the date hereof" shall mean the date on which a counterpart of this Amendment <br />was delivered fully executed by the last party executing this Amendment in <br />counterpart to the first party executing this Amendment and counterpart. <br />3. Except for the amendments reflected in the hereinafter paragraph 4, RedSpeed <br />and Municipality confirm the Agreement as being valid and binding on RedSpeed <br />and Municipality subject to the terms of this Amendment. <br />4. The Agreement is amended in the following particulars: <br />