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RESOLUTION NO. 14-10 <br />A RESOLUTION SUPPORTING THE COMPLETE CONSTRUCTION OF <br />TRANSPORTATION "BUILD ALTERNATIVE 203, OPTION D" AS REGIONALLY <br />SUPPORTED BY PARTICIPATING STAKEHOLDERS AS PART OF THE <br />ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION TIER ONE STUDY OF THE <br />ELGIN O'HARE-WEST BYPASS <br />WHEREAS, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), in consultation with the <br />Federal Highway Administration (FHWA); has conducted a study of alternative multimodal <br />transportation solutions for the Elgin O'Hare -West Bypass study area, comprised of 127 square <br />miles and 27 communities in Cook and DuPage Counties in Illinois; and; <br />WHEREAS, the IDOT study is being advanced as a federally mandated two-tiered <br />process consisting of Tier One; the development of a multimodal transportation concept for the <br />study area, and Tier Two; detailed engineering and environmental studies for elements of the <br />preferred build alternative; and, <br />WHEREAS, Tier One of the IDOT study is set to conclude with the FHWA Record of <br />Decision stating the preferred multimodal transportation system selected based upon <br />consideration of transportation performance, environmental impacts, regulatory agency <br />comments and stakeholder input and support; and, <br />WHEREAS, through an extensive public outreach and stakeholder involvement program <br />consistent with IDOT's Context Sensitive Solution (CSS) policy; the Illinois Department of <br />Transportation (IDOT) and the regional stakeholders have reached consensus through the Tier <br />One process that the preferred multimodal transportation system is Build Alternative 2033, <br />Option D; and; <br />WHEREAS; the communities most impacted by this project have developed a unified <br />statement in support of Build Alternative 203; Option D. promoting the construction of the <br />preferred alternative and associated improvements and identifying financing strategies and <br />funding for doing so; and, <br />WHEREAS, Tier Two of the IDOT study will include analysis of funding strategies; <br />funding sources and the availability of project funding including, but not limited to, Federal and <br />State funding, tolling through the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, and potential public- <br />private partnerships; and, <br />WHEREAS, the impacted stakeholder communities would prefer that the proposed <br />expressway facilities be constructed as non -tolled freeways; but understand that this project may <br />be completed with greater expediency should the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority be <br />authorized to construct the preferred Build Alternative 2033, Option D. <br />