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Exhibit "A" <br />VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE IDENTITY PROTECTION POLICY <br />This policy is adopted pursuant to the Identity Protection Act (5 ILCS 179/1 el seg.) to protect <br />social security numbers from unauthorized disclosure. <br />PROHIBITED ACTS — The following acts are prohibited by law and as such are identified as <br />prohibitive acts for any Village of Elk Grove Village employee: <br />1. Publicly post or publicly display or otherwise intentionally communicate or otherwise <br />intentionally make available to the general public in any manner an individual's social security <br />number. <br />2. Print an individual's social security number on any card required for the individual to <br />access products or services provided by the Village of Elk Grove Village. <br />3. Require an individual to transmit his or her social security number on the Internet, unless <br />the connection is secure or the social security number is encrypted. <br />4. Print an individual's social security number on any materials that are mailed to the <br />individual, through the U.S. Postal Service, any private mail service, electronic mail, or any <br />similar method of delivery, unless state or federal law requires the social security number to be <br />on the document to be mailed. Notwithstanding any provision in this section to the contrary, <br />social security numbers may be included in applications and forms sent by mail, including, but <br />not limited to, any material mailed in connection with the administration of the Unemployment <br />Insurance Act, any material mailed in connection with any tax administered by the Illinois <br />Department of Revenue, and documents sent as part of an application or enrollment process or to <br />establish, amend, or terminate an account, contract, or policy or to confirm the accuracy of the <br />social security number. A social security number that may permissibly be mailed under this <br />section may not be printed, in whole or in part, on a postcard or other mailer that does not require <br />an envelope. A social security number may not be visible on or in an envelope until after the <br />envelope has been opened. <br />Collect, use, or disclose a social security number from an individual, unless: <br />(i) required to do so under state or federal law, rules, or regulations, or the collection; <br />use, or disclosure of the social security number is otherwise necessary for the performance of <br />that agency's duties and responsibilities; <br />(ii) the need and purpose for the social security number is documented before <br />collection of the social security number; and <br />(iii) the social security number collected is relevant to the documented need and <br />Purpose. <br />6. Require an individual to use his or her sociall security number to access an Internet <br />website. <br />