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Site Name: Oklahoma Site ID 9: CH03XC482 <br />AMENDMENT NO. 3 TO Tower Lease Agreement <br />This Amendment No. 3 to Tower Lease Agreement (this "Amendment'), effective as of the date last signed below <br />("Effective Date"), amends a certain Tower Lease Agreement between SprintCom, Inc., a Kansas corporation ("Tenant') and Village <br />of Elk Grove Village, an Illinois Municipal corporation ("Landlord"), dated June 23, 1998, as amended by Amendment No. I dated <br />September 22, 2009, and Amendment No. 2 dated May 11, 2010 (`the Agreement). <br />BACKGROUND <br />WHEREAS, Tenant desires to modify its installation on the Site by adding or swapping out antennas and other <br />equipment to the Facilities, as more particularly described in Exhibit B-1 annexed hereto, and Tenant and Landlord desire to modify <br />the provisions of the Agreement as provided below. <br />AGREEMENT <br />For good and valuable consideration the receipt and sufficiency of which are acknowledged, Landlord and Tenant agree as <br />follows: <br />1. Modification to the Facilities. Exhibit B-1 to the Agreement is hereby amended to include the modifications identified on <br />Exhibit B-1, a copy of which is attached and made a part hereof. Exhibit B-1 supplements Exhibit B to the Agreement, and shall not <br />be deemed to supersede or otherwise modify Exhibit B or any part thereof except to the extent specifically set forth in Exhibit B -I. <br />Upon full execution of this Amendment, Tenant is permitted to do all work necessary to prepare, maintain and alter the Site to install or <br />otherwise modify the Facilities, all as more fully described and contemplated in Exhibit B-1. <br />2. Notice Address. The notice addresses in Section I of the Agreement for the party or parties listed below are hereby deleted <br />in their entirely and replaced with the following: <br />To Landlord: Village Manager <br />Village of Elk Grove Village <br />901 Wellington <br />Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 <br />To Tenant: Sprint/Nextel Property Services <br />Sprint Site ID: CH03XC482 <br />Mailstop KSOPHTO 10 1 -Z2650 <br />6391 Sprint Parkway <br />Overland Park, Kansas 66251-2650 <br />With a mandatory copy to: Sprint/Nextel Law Department <br />Sprint Site ID: CH03XC482 <br />Mailstop KSOPHTO 10 1 -Z2020 <br />6391 Sprint Parkway <br />Overland Park, Kansas 66251-2020 <br />Ann.: Real Estate Attorney <br />