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RESOLUTION NO. 23-15 <br />A RESOLUTION APPROVING AND AUTHORIZING THE APPOINTMENT OF <br />A DIRECTOR AND ALTERNATE DIRECTORS TO THE SOLID WASTE <br />AGENCY OF NORTHERN COOK COUNTY, A MUNICIPAL JOINT ACTION <br />AGENCY(SWANCQ <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Board of Trustees <br />of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Cook County, Illinois, as follows: <br />Section 1: The Village of Elk Grove Village is a member of the Solid Waste <br />Agency of Northern Cook County ("the Agency') and pursuant to the Agency Agreement <br />establishing the Agency, is entitled to appoint a Director and one or more Alternate <br />Directors to the Board of Directors of the Agency. <br />Section 2: That the Mayor and Board of Trustees appoints Craig B. Johnson as <br />its Director on the Board of Directors of the Agency and appoints James P. Petri and <br />Raymond R. Rummel as its Alternate Directors, in each case for a two year term expiring <br />April 30, 2017, or.until his or her successor is appointed. <br />Section 3: That the Village Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to send two <br />(2) certified copies of this Resolution to the Executive Director of the Agency within five <br />days of the approval of this Resolution. <br />Section 4: That this Resolution shall be in full force and effect from and after its <br />passage, approval and publication in pamphlet form in the manner provided by law. <br />VOTE: AYES:6 NAYS: 0 ABSENT: 0 <br />PASSED this 12"' day of May 2015. <br />APPROVED this 12rh day of May 2015. <br />APPROVED: <br />Mayor Craig B. Johnson <br />Village of Elk Grove Village <br />ATTEST: <br />Judith M. Keegan, Village Clerk <br />PUBLISHED this 151h day of May 2015 in pamphlet form. <br />ResS W A NCCdireclor2015 <br />