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Agenda for VB Meeting 01-13-04 2 <br /> of the reservoir at Pump House 11 (1689 Virginia) in an <br /> amount not to exceed $203,880. <br /> (Bid specifications were provided to nineteen <br /> potential bidders, and the Village received fourteen bids. <br /> Dixon Engineering has reviewed all bids and checked the <br /> references, bonds and insurance for Tecorp and recommended <br /> that a contract be awarded to Tecorp. <br /> (Due to unknown conditions and possibility of <br /> additional repairs beyond the scope of the project, Public <br /> Works is recommending a 20% contingency of $33,980 in <br /> addition to the submitted bid price of $169,900, for a <br /> total amount of $203,880. <br /> (The Engineer's estimate for this project was <br /> $340, 000, primarily due to containment issues related to <br /> the lead based paint that will be removed and disposed of. <br /> The average bid received for this project was $254,201, <br /> with all but one bid being below the Engineer's estimate. <br /> (The project timeline is for the contractor to start <br /> work on or after April 1, 2004, with a completion date of <br /> May .27, 2004. The maximum amount of service time for the <br /> reservoir is 45 days. <br /> (Reports from the Director of Finance and Director of <br /> Public Works, recommending approval, are attached. ) <br /> D) Consideration to adopt Ordinance No. 2970 authorizing the <br /> Mayor and Village Clerk to execute the amended and <br /> restated Intergovernmental Agreement (Ord. Mos. 2951 and <br /> 2963) providing for the planning, development and <br /> operation of the South Suburban Airport and the creation <br /> of the South Suburban Airport Commission. <br /> (The amended agreement provides for technical changes <br /> to the existing Agreement. <br /> (A copy of this Ordinance was previously distributed <br /> to the Village Board. ) <br /> 7. REGULAR AGENDA <br /> A) Consideration to approve proposed signage for Washington <br /> Mutual in the Elk Grove Town Center. <br /> (The proposed signage shows an illuminated ^Washington <br /> Mutual" sign over the entrance doors on the north side of <br /> the building totaling 20 square feet. The sign is <br /> Internally illuminated with text having a white face and <br /> blue logo having a gold background. <br /> (Hamilton Partners has approved this proposed sign for <br /> Washington Mutual. <br /> (The total area of the proposed building signage <br /> complies with the allowable area permitted by the <br /> Village's sign regulations. <br />