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Agenda for VB Meeting 06-22-04 2 <br /> D) Consideration to grant a variation from the Village Code, Section 8-12B-1-1D, <br /> "Easements", to permit the construction of a shed which will encroach five feet (5') into a <br /> ten-foot(10')public utility easement at 542 Willow Lane. <br /> (The property owners are seeking a variation to construct a detached garage within a <br /> public utility easement. Com ED, Nicor Gas, SBC, and Comcast have written letters <br /> granting permission to encroach upon the easement. <br /> (The Engineering Department has field checked this location for conflicts with <br /> Village-owned utilities within the easement, found no Village-owned utilities in the <br /> easement, and have no indication that the Village will be utilizing this easement in the <br /> future. <br /> (A report from the Director of Engineering & Community Development, <br /> recommending approval, is attached.) <br /> E) Consideration to award a purchase contract to the most responsive and responsible bidder <br /> Navarrete Pontiac-GMC of Elgin, IL for the purchase of one (1) 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix <br /> GT2 in an amount not to exceed$20,930.48. <br /> (Bid documents were submitted by 4 bidders. Upon review of the submitted bids, <br /> Navarrete Pontiac-GMC was determined to be the most responsive and responsible bidder. <br /> (The Police Department obtained bids for one unmarked detective vehicle in lieu of <br /> a marked squad. <br /> (This price includes a 60-month extended warranty, rust proofing package and <br /> service manuals required,by Fleet Services. <br /> (Sufficient funds are budgeted and available for this purchase. <br /> (Reports from the Police Chief and Director of Finance, recommending approval, are <br /> attached.) <br /> F) Consideration of the following: <br /> • to award a contract to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, Koz Trucking and <br /> Sons, Medinah, IL to furnish 3,000 tons of CA-6 Grade 9 gravel at a delivered unit <br /> cost of$9.00 per ton, not to exceed $27,000 and CA-6 Grade 8 Limestone gravel at a <br /> delivered unit cost of$8.80 per ton, not to exceed $8,800, for a total contract amount <br /> of$35,800; and <br /> • to reject the bid for topsoil due to receiving only one response, which was not <br /> competitively priced. <br /> (Bid documents were obtained by six potential bidders, of which six submitted bids. <br /> Upon review of the bids submitted, Koz Trucking and Sons was determined to be the <br /> lowest responsive and responsible bidder for the Grade 8 and 9 gravel. <br /> (The Village has contracted with Koz Trucking and Sons in the past and has found <br /> their service delivery to be satisfactory. <br /> (The topsoil will be re-bid at a later date. <br /> (Reports from the Director of Finance and Director of Public Works, recommending <br /> approval, are attached.) <br />