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Agenda for VB Meeting 08-17-04 2 <br /> D) Consideration to hold a public hearing before the Plan Commission to consider <br /> the petition of GPD Group, on behalf of National City Corporation, for a <br /> Special Use and Re-Subdivision of property located along Meacham Road <br /> (Home Depot Outlot). <br /> (National City Corporation is proposing a branch bank facility including <br /> drive-thru. The proposed bank will be approximately 3,475 square feet. <br /> (The property is currently asphalt parking for Home Depot. <br /> (The Special Use is required for the installation of drive-thru lanes, and <br /> the re-subdivision is required as this will be a new outlot.) <br /> E) Consideration to increase an existing Purchase Order to Dixon Engineering, Inc. <br /> of Lake Odessa, MI to provide inspectional services for the cleaning and <br /> painting of the reservoir at Pump House 11 (1689 Virginia) in the amount of <br /> $3,955, for a total contract amount not to exceed$39,975. <br /> (Due to delays by the contractor and unanticipated repairs to the steel roof, <br /> Dixon Engineering exceeded the awarded amount. <br /> (A total of $1,828 is being withheld from the contractors' payout, in <br /> addition to liquidated damages, due to delays by the contractor. The balance, <br /> $2,127, is for work performed on behalf of the Village. <br /> (A report from the Director of Public Works, recommending approval, is <br /> attached.) <br /> F) Consideration to adopt Resolution No. 32-04 (attached) determining the <br /> appropriateness for Class C status pursuant to the Cook County Real Property <br /> Classification Ordinance as amended January 1, 2000 for certain real estate <br /> located at 1250 Greenleaf Avenue. <br /> (Binderonics now employs 125 and anticipates that number to grow to 150 <br /> in the next 12 to 18 months. <br /> (The eligibility requirements for Class C status are that real estate be used <br /> for industrial purposes; due to contamination, the real estate must have <br /> undergone environmental testing and remediation and have received a letter <br /> from the Illinois EPA; and the remediation costs must total at least$100,000. <br /> (The Class C property tax incentive allows a property tax assessment <br /> reduction from 36%to 16%of fair market value for a twelve-year period. <br /> (A report from the Economic Development Coordinator and a letter from <br /> the applicant are attached.) <br /> G) Consideration of Resolution No. 33-04 (attached) directed to the Cook County <br /> Board of Commissioners,Cook County Board of Appeals, and the County Clerk <br /> for transmittal to Cook County Board of Commissioners in response to the <br /> Public Hearing held by the Cook County Board of Appeals on August 4, 2004 <br /> regarding sign variations on the property located on the south side of 1-90, <br /> approximately 610 feet southeast of Oakton Street in Elk Grove Township. <br />