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��ogovE vrlt9 <br /> AGENDA <br /> REGULAR VILLAGE BOARD MEETING <br /> May 10, 2016 <br /> 7:00 PM <br /> 1.CALL TO ORDER <br /> 2.PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br /> INVOCATION (DEACON TED CZARNECKI,SAINT JULIAN EYMARD CATHOLIC CHURCH) <br /> 3.APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF APRIL 26, 2016 <br /> 4.MAYOR&BOARD OF TRUSTEES' REPORT <br /> 5.ACCOUNTS PAYABLE WARRANT: APRIL 2016 MONTH-END $1,447,716.28 <br /> MAY 10, 2016 788,935.60 <br /> 6. CONSENT AGENDA <br /> a. Consideration to authorize payment in the amount of$16,895.00 for FY 2016-17 <br /> membership dues to the Northwest Municipal Conference (NWMC). <br /> (Membership dues to the Northwest Municipal Conference are based on population and <br /> are assessed at a per capita rate of$0.510. The dues amount is the same as the previous <br /> year's rate.) <br /> b. Consideration to award a purchase contract through the National Joint Powers Alliance <br /> (NJPA) Joint Purchasing Cooperative to Atlas Bobcat of Elk Grove Village, IL for the <br /> purchase of one (1) Toolcat 5600 G-Series with accessories in the amount of$77,947 from <br /> the Capital Replacement Fund. <br /> (The Department of Public Works is replacing one (1)John Deere tractor that is 23 years <br /> old and for which parts are difficult to locate. <br /> (The Bobcat Toolcat 5600 G-Series and attachments are available with base pricing <br /> established by the NJPA Purchasing Cooperative and extended through the local Bobcat <br /> dealer, Atlas Bobcat of Elk Grove Village, IL. <br /> (The leaf vacuum collector will be utilized for mowing, sweeping, stump grinding and <br /> material handling. <br /> (Adequate funds are budgeted in the Capital Replacement Fund. <br /> Page 1 of 5 <br />