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Agenda for VB Meeting 09-28-04 2 <br /> C) Consideration to increase an existing contract with Eugene A. De St. Aubin & <br /> Brothers, Inc., of Kirkland, IL to furnish and plant eighty-nine (89) four inch (4") <br /> trees in the amount of$45,211, of which $10,412 will be paid for out of the General <br /> Fund and $34,799 will be paid for out of the Recycling Fund, for a total contract <br /> amount not to exceed$107,215. <br /> (In March, the Village awarded a parkway tree-planting contract to St. Aubin <br /> Nursery to furnish and plant one hundred and fifty 2-1/2" trees. On April 13, the <br /> Village increased the contract by$19,404 to replace ICRC plantings. <br /> (The Village Board recently approved an increase in the size of the parkway <br /> tree planting specification from 2-1/2"to 4"with a two-year warranty. <br /> (St. Aubin proposed a price of $665 to ftnnish and plant a 4" tree of any <br /> available variety,with a two year warranty. <br /> (Of the 89 trees to be planted, fifty-one (51) are remaining trees to be planted <br /> at a$391 increased cost. Furthermore, Public Works has identified thirty-eight(38) <br /> additional trees in need of replacement this fall at a cost of$665 per tree. <br /> (A report from the Director of Public Works, recommending approval, is <br /> attached.) <br /> D)Consideration of the following: <br /> • to award a purchase contract to Oakfield Ford, Inc. of Villa Park, IL as the lowest <br /> responsive and responsible bidder for the purchase of a 3/, ton extended cab <br /> pickup truck in an amount not to exceed$30,364.50; and <br /> • to trade-in the existing 1995 Chevrolet CK2500 pickup truck, unit #825, for a <br /> trade-in value of$4,200, to be deducted from the base cost. <br /> (Bid documents were submitted by 6 vendors. Upon review of the submitted <br /> bids, Oakfield Ford was determined to be the most responsive and responsible <br /> bidder. <br /> (The total $30,364.50 cost of the truck includes a base cost of$28,860 and an <br /> extended warranty of$1,504.50. It should be noted that Oakfield Ford provided a <br /> 15% discount on the extended warranty. <br /> (Reports from the Director of Finance and Director of Public Works, <br /> recommending approval, are attached.) <br /> E) Consideration to award a purchase contract to Hoskins Chevrolet of Elk Grove <br /> Village, IL for the purchase of three (3) 2005 Police Package Utility vehicles in an <br /> amount not to exceed$89,856. <br /> (Bid specifications were sent to twelve(12)potential bidders. <br /> (The Department of Public Works has reviewed the single bid, as well as the <br /> qualifications of the bidder. Upon review it was determined that Hoskins Chevrolet <br /> is a responsive and responsible bidder and the single bid pricing is competitively <br /> priced. <br /> (The per unit cost of$29,952 includes the base cost of$27,499 and the cost of <br /> a specialized police equipment option in an amount of$2,453. <br />