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Next ORD: 3011 (3014) <br /> Next RES. 41-04 (43-04) <br /> Recess: 9 P.M. <br /> AGENDA <br /> REGULAR VILLAGE BOARD MEETING <br /> October 12, 2004 <br /> 1. Call to Order <br /> 2. Invocation(Rev.Thomas G. Smith,Deacon, Saint Nicholas Episcopal Church) <br /> 3. Approval of Minutes of September 28, 2004 <br /> 4. Mayor and Board of Trustees'Report <br /> 5. Accounts Payable Warrant: September 30,2004/$ 108,281.36 <br /> October 12,2004/$ 962,658.73 <br /> 6. CONSENT AGENDA <br /> A) Consideration of a request (attached) from the Queen of the Rosary Parish for the <br /> following items associated with the Halloween Party fundraising event to be held on <br /> October 30, 2004: <br /> • To issue a Class A liquor license for this event; and <br /> • To waive the liquor license fee&waive all other fees for this event. ' <br /> (It has been past practice of the Village Board to waive permit fees for not-for- <br /> profit and government agencies. <br /> (A report from the Village Clerk is attached.) <br /> B) Consideration to adopt Resolution No. 41-04 (attached) determining the <br /> appropriateness for Class 6B status pursuant to the Cook County Real Property <br /> Classification Ordinance as amended January 1, 2000 for certain real estate located <br /> at 1601 Pratt Boulevard. <br /> (Centerpoint Properties has indicated that they will be spending in excess of <br /> one million dollars to rehab the 108,000 square foot building, which will create <br /> twenty to fifty new jobs. <br /> (Eligibility requirements for 6B status are new construction, substantial <br /> renovation or purchase of buildings that have been vacant for a period of time. This <br /> qualifies being that it has been vacant for seventeen months. <br /> (The 6B property tax incentive allows a property tax assessment reduction <br /> from 36%to 16% of fair market value for a twelve-year period. <br /> (A report from the Economic Development Officer and a letter from the <br /> applicant are attached.) <br />