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provided by the said Class 613 Tax Incentive Ordinance is necessary for the said development to <br />occur on the subject property, legally described as follows: <br />Lot 134 (except the West 253.53 feet, as measured along the North Line of said Lot) in <br />Centex Industrial Park Unit 99, being a subdivision in the West '/z of Section 34, <br />Township 41 North, Range 11 East of the Third Principal Meridian, in Cook County, <br />Illinois. <br />Section 2: That the Special Circumstances as outlined by the petitioner are attached hereto <br />as Exhibit "A" and made a part thereof. <br />Section 3: That the Village of Elk Grove Village, Illinois hereby supports and consents to <br />the Class 613 Application and approves the classification of the subject property as Class 613 <br />property pursuant to the Cook County Real Property Classification Ordinance and the Class 613 <br />tax incentives shall apply to the property identified as Permanent Real Estate Index Number <br />08-34-102-025-0000. <br />Section 4: That the Mayor and Village Clerk are hereby authorized to sign any necessary <br />documents to implement this Resolution subject to the petitioner completing the following <br />conditions within twelve months of closing: <br />a. Side drainage ditch shall be cleared of all trees and invasive brush and restored to a grass <br />lined ditch; <br />b. Remove and replace the parking lot apron, install a parking lot in accordance with <br />Village Code including storm water detention; <br />c. Remove and replace main building entrance which shall be ADA accessible; <br />d. Update fagade, landscaping and sign. <br />Section 5: That this Resolution shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage <br />and approval according to law. <br />VOTE: AYES:6 NAYS:0 ABSENT:0 <br />PASSED this 211t day of June 2016. <br />APPROVED this 211t day of June 2016. <br />APPROVED: <br />Mayor Craig B. Johnson <br />Village of Elk Grove Village <br />ATTEST: <br />Judith M. Keegan, Village Clerk <br />