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Elk Grove Village Fire Dept. Foreign Fire <br /> Tax Board <br /> October 9, 1996 Meeting Minutes <br /> 1) The first meeting of the EGVFD Foreign Fire Tax Board started @ 7:OOpm <br /> at the fire administration building, with 9 members present. <br /> Present Absent <br /> Jim MacArthur Pat Beck <br /> John Forde Mike Rogers <br /> Peter Gutzmer <br /> Rich Keyworth <br /> Rick Krieger <br /> Al Mergens <br /> Scott Peterson <br /> Bob Stecki <br /> Randy Schlottman <br /> Hilda Ingebrigtsen - ad hoc, non-voting <br /> 2) The meeting started with John Forde giving a history of the past few year's <br /> of how a foreign fire tax committee initially started. Thru much hard work an <br /> ordinance was drafted and finally approved to lead to the point where an <br /> officially elected committee was formed. <br /> 3) Election's with-in the committee for chairman, co-chairman & secretary <br /> where held. Hilda Ingebrigtsen is the treasurer per the ordinance. <br /> Nomination's for chairman where John Forde & Rich Keyworth, co-chairman, <br /> Bob Stecki, secretary, Scott Peterson. A ballot took place with John Forde <br /> being elected chairman (7 votes), Rich Keyworth receiving 2. Bob Stecki as <br /> co-chairman & Scott Peterson as secretary due to being unopposed. <br /> Next names where picked "from a hat" for a 1 year term & 2 year term, per <br /> the ordinance. <br />