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Elk Grove Village Fire Dept. Foreign Fire <br /> Tax Board <br /> A <br /> November 6,1996 Meeting Minutes <br /> 1) Meeting of the EGVFD Foreign Fire Tax Board started @ 7:15pm at the <br /> fire administration building, with 9 members present. <br /> Present Abut <br /> John Forde Pat Beck (school) <br /> Peter Gurtmer Rick Krieger <br /> Hilda Ingebrigtsen Bob Stecki (family function) <br /> Rich Keyworth <br /> Jim MacArthur <br /> Al Mergens <br /> Scott Peterson <br /> Mike Rogers <br /> Randy Schlottman <br /> 1 guest, Howard Hall <br /> 2) A correction was made to the Oct 9 minutes, in Jim MacArthur's term. He <br /> is permanently on the board by nature of his position (fire chief) therefore, <br /> there is no term limit for him. The minutes incorrectly list him as 2 years. <br /> Hilda reported that as of Sept 26, 1996 the balance for the fund is: <br /> $372,622.25. This is from an additional 1889.04 in interest added to the <br /> original balance of$370,733.21. Hilda also reported that the new budget <br /> instruction book will be out Friday, Nov 8, 1996. <br /> Minutes from last 2 meetings have been sent to Village Clerk Pat Smith, as <br /> was the meeting schedule & the Fire Tax Board officer's. <br /> 3) John Forde requested that we set up an operating account for operating <br /> supplies. Scott Peterson suggested possibly opening an account at "Office <br /> Max" in the village, however Jim MacArthur stated that this has to be done <br />