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Elk Grove Village Fire Dept. Foreign Fire <br /> Tax Board <br /> A <br /> November 20,1996 Meeting Minutes <br /> 1) Meeting of the EGVFD Foreign Fire Tax Board started @ 7:15pm at the <br /> fire administration building, with 8 members present. <br /> Present Absent <br /> Peter Gutzmer Pat Beck (school) <br /> Hilda Ingebrigtsen John Forde (sick) <br /> Rich Keyworth Mike Rogers <br /> Rick Krieger Randy Schlottman <br /> Jim MacArthur <br /> Al Mergens <br /> Scott Peterson <br /> Bob Stecki <br /> 1 guest, Rich Dugan <br /> 2) Bob Stecki running the meeting tonight due to John Forde's absence. <br /> Minutes read & accepted from previous meeting. Scott Peterson reported that <br /> a letter will be sent to the shift captains with the meeting schedule for next <br /> year attached. Schedule for next year will also be distributed to all member's <br /> & to the Village Clerk. <br /> Hilda reported that as of Nov 15, 1996 the balance for the fund is: <br /> $448,200.22. This new balance is due to the receipt of$75,577.99 from July <br /> of 1995 to 1996. The original amount was $81,266.66, of which the Illinois <br /> Municipal League receives 7%. Their amount was $5,688.60. <br /> 3) The Village Manager will accept the Fire Tax Board's budget item's from <br /> the list submitted to finance. There is no need for a pre-draft to be sent to <br /> him. Final budget draft's due Dec 19th to finance. <br />