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Elk Grove Village Fire Dept, Foreign Fire <br /> Tax Board <br /> December 18, 1996 Meeting Minutes <br /> 1) Meeting of the EGVFD Foreign Fire Tax Board started @ 7:03pm at the <br /> fire administration building, with 8 members present. <br /> Present Absent <br /> Pat Beck John Forde (excused) <br /> Peter Gutzmer Hilda Ingebrigtsen (excused) <br /> Rich Keyworth Rick Krieger <br /> Jim MacArthur Scott Peterson (excused) <br /> Al Mergens <br /> Mike Rogers <br /> Randy Schlottman <br /> Bob Stecki <br /> 2) Peter Gutzmer filling in for Scott as secretary. Minutes reviewed from <br /> 12/4, revision to be made to foreign fire tax account number that the village <br /> will be using due to a change. It is now 209. Minutes from last meeting have <br /> been revised. <br /> 3) Bob Stecki filling in for John Forde. Bob reported that Jim MacArthur and <br /> John Forde had met on 12/16/96 to go over the budget package drafts for <br /> submittal. At the meeting each item was gone over by the Fire Tax committee <br /> for comment's. It was decided that the EMT-B study book's would <br /> submitted in this year's package due to the book's being needed by June and <br /> this would not be possible. A budget package proposal from D/C Riddle that <br /> was submitted to the Fire Tax Board prior to this meeting for review was <br /> discussed. Jim MacArthur feel's that the Fire Tax Board should not duplicate <br /> any item's that are already in the Fire Dept budget. Also in this budget <br /> submittal where item's from Lt. Doug Goostree for Public Education. <br /> Bob Stecki motioned that the Fire Tax Board stand by the policy of placing <br /> any specific request in either the Fire Dept budget or the Foreign Fire Tax <br />