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Elk Grove Village Fire Dept. Foreign <br /> Fire Tax Board <br /> September 16, 1998 <br /> Meeting called to order @ 7:l Opm <br /> Present Absent <br /> Pat Beck Peter Gutzmer <br /> John Forde Rich Keyworth <br /> Hilda Ingebrigtsen Rick Krieger <br /> AI Mergens Jim MacArthur <br /> Scott Peterson Bob Stecki <br /> Mike Rogers <br /> Al Vrshek <br /> Motion by Pat Beck, seconded by John Forde to approve September minutes; motion <br /> unanimously approved. <br /> Discussion on past minutes: It was brought to the attention of Scott (Secretary for board) <br /> that the minutes have not been up-to-date. The secretary was not at the January or <br /> February meetings do to being out-of-town in January and on a Pub Ed detail during <br /> February's meeting. Minutes for both meetings where kept by another board member. <br /> The secretary had asked for them after those previous meeting's and never received them. <br /> Whoever took the minutes, please forward. There was no meeting in April. The month of <br /> May did bring a meeting, the minutes where taken and unfortunately I (Scott) have lost <br /> the computer disk of the minutes for that meeting. This was relayed to the Chairman prior <br /> to the August meeting knowing that I would be out-of-town for that meeting. June & <br /> July, there was no meeting, and August minutes where taken by Mike Rogers and <br /> forwarded to me, as previously noted. <br /> Treasurer's Report: Report was read, motion by John Forde, seconded by Pat Beck to <br /> approve; motion unanimously approved. November will bring the distribution of the <br /> Insurance Tax money to the Foreign Fire Insurance Board. Also a discussion on the draft <br /> of the investment policy. Currently the Funds are kept in the Illinois Treasurers <br /> investment pool. The money can stay there, but the Fire Tax Board would control the <br /> investments of the Fire Insurance Funds money. "Safety" in investments would prevail so <br /> that stability of the investments is maintained. This policy and method is similar to the <br />