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INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL REVITALIZATION COMMISSION MEETING <br /> November 6, 1997 <br /> 5:30 p.m. <br /> Chernick Conference Room <br /> Commissioners Present: <br /> Jim Petri, Co-Chairman <br /> Sam Lissner, Co-Chairman <br /> Tom Farrell <br /> John Gullo <br /> Jeff Snyder <br /> Jack Connelly <br /> Tom Porte <br /> Scott Golbeck <br /> Bob Kleckauskas <br /> Ron Behm <br /> George Johnson <br /> Commissioners absent: <br /> Frank Ciangi <br /> Staff present: <br /> Nancy Carlson <br /> Alan Boffice <br /> Tom Cech <br /> Fred Engelbrecht <br /> Dion Zinnel <br /> Chairman Petri reported that he had met with Department <br /> Heads to help clarify their roles at Revitalization <br /> Commission Meetings. He stressed the importance of staff <br /> addressing issues brought up at these meetings. <br /> Tom Farrell reported that he and several other bankers from <br /> Elk Grove had met with Don Eslick to discuss ways that the <br /> banks can be involved in the Revitalization program. A <br /> second meeting is scheduled for November 10. <br /> It was the consensus on the Commission to hold the January 8 <br /> regular meeting of the Commission without the consultant for <br /> the purpose of reviewing the draft plan . Planning <br /> Resources' agenda for January will be moved to February. <br />