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If <br /> INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAI'. REVITALIZATION COMMISSION <br /> MEETING MINUTES <br /> February 8, 1999 - 5:30 P.M. <br /> Chernick Conference Room <br /> Present: Trustee Sam Lissner, Co-Chairman <br /> Trustee Jim Petri, Co-Chairman <br /> Ron Behm <br /> Jack Connelly <br /> Tom Farrell <br /> Scott Golbeck <br /> John Gullo <br /> George Johnson <br /> Bob Kleckauskas <br /> Tom Porte <br /> Absent: Jeff Snyder <br /> Staff: Al Boffice, Director, E/CD <br /> Vito Sammarco, Ass ' t:. Director Comm. Rev. <br /> Nancy Carlson, Economic Development Officer <br /> Press: None <br /> The modifications to the Revitalization Program Budget for <br /> FY 99/00 were presented to the Commission and unanimously <br /> approved. <br /> The street name sign design was discussed. Street name signage <br /> will be 6-inch Series C lettering. A separate number panel will <br /> be used with 4-inch Series C numerals. Mast arm number panels <br /> will be 6 inch Series C. .4 north/south, east/west numbering <br /> system will be used in the Business Park. The estimated signage <br /> cost will be updated upon receipt of information on street <br /> signposts. <br /> In addition to the street name and numbering system, improving <br /> building address numbering was discussed. The Commission <br /> directed Engineering and Community Development to contact <br /> property owners at locations without numbers, or where numbers <br /> are improperly sized or located. <br />