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INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL REVITALIZATION COMMISSION <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE BUSINESS PARK <br /> MEETING MINUTES <br /> Junes 3, 1999 <br /> CRERNICK CONFERENCE ROOM <br /> Present: Trustee Sam Lissner <br /> Trustee Jim Petri <br /> Ron Behm <br /> Tom Farrell <br /> Scott Golbeck <br /> John Gullo <br /> Bob Kleckauskas <br /> Ed Ruskowski <br /> Scott Swakow <br /> Jeff Snyder <br /> Staff: Vito Sammarco, Ass ' t. Director Comm. Rev. <br /> Nancy Carlson, Economic Development Officer <br /> Absent: Jack Connelly <br /> George Johnson <br /> Tom Porte <br /> The Commission welcomed two new members, Ed Ruskowski and Scott <br /> Swakow. <br /> The Commission was updated on the status of revitalization <br /> projects as follows: <br /> • Proposals for engineering services have been <br /> requested for the Tonne Road Realignment, Driveway <br /> and Truck Intrusion Bay Design Criteria, and <br /> intersection improvements at Devon Avenue/Tonne <br /> Road, Devon Avenue/Busse Road, and Landmeier <br /> Road/Busse Road. <br /> • The aerial mapping flight has been completed. Final <br /> aerial maps are expected to be completed by October <br /> 1999. <br />