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llAeE C�.CF�e,�. <br /> }� INDUSTRIALICOMMERC/AL. REVITALIZATION COMMISSION <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE BUSINESS PARK <br /> MEETING MINUTES <br /> October 7, 1999 <br /> CHERNICK CONFERENCE ROOM <br /> Present: Trustee Sam Lissner <br /> Trustee Jim Petri <br /> Ron Behm <br /> John Connelly, Jr. <br /> Scott Golbeck <br /> John Gullo <br /> Bob Kleckauskas <br /> Tom Porte <br /> Ed Ruskowski <br /> Scott Swakow <br /> Jeff Snyder <br /> Staff- Alan J. Boffice, P.E., Director, E/CD <br /> Nancy Carlson, Economic Development Officer <br /> Vito Sammarco, Ass't. Director Comm. Rev. <br /> Absent: Tom Farrell <br /> The following revitalization projects were discussed with the Commission: <br /> • NICHOLAS AND PRATT BOULEVARD CONSTRUCTION - <br /> Landscaping work is anticipated to begin the week of October 11, <br /> 1999. Lighting underground work will begin October 25, 1999. <br /> • SPUR TRACKS — Union Pacific Railroad has indicated that tracks are <br /> abandoned as usage declines. Nancy Carlson noted that a short line <br /> railroad would be an option for operating the spur line system. Major <br /> carriers such as Union Pacific are concentrating on intermodal facilities <br /> from which containerized shipments are made by truck to local <br /> businesses. <br /> The railroad has offered to attend a meeting and present the short line <br /> railroad concept. The Commissioners felt this would be a good topic <br /> for a future meeting. <br />