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page -2- <br /> There followed discussion on the matter of acceptable physical <br /> examinations to be taken by all new participants in the fund. <br /> The consensus of opinion of the Board is that the Police Pension <br /> Fund Board, the Fire Pension Fund Board and the Police and Fire <br /> Commission coordinate their efforts in this area so that all new <br /> personnel being considered for appointment by the Police and Fire <br /> Commission be subject to an acceptable physical examination and <br /> that approval of the appointment be also passed upon by the Pension <br /> Fund Board that would be involved. The Secretary (Losch) was dir- <br /> ected to prepare a letter to the Police and Fire Commission on <br /> this matter as well as to make a personal contact with the Police <br /> and Fire Commission regarding same. It was further suggested that <br /> a contact be made with Lt. Marquard of the Fire Pension Fund re- <br /> garding steps being taken by their Board in this area of concern. <br /> Being no further business to discuss , the meeting was adjourned <br /> by acclamation at 7 : 53 P.M. <br /> Submitted by: <br /> gtR�chard Losch <br /> Secretary-Trustee <br /> 9 Jan. 74 <br /> RFL:lvb <br /> cc: Watson Willis <br /> Farley L. Turner <br /> Coney P . Turner <br /> Canary BB <br /> File <br />