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MINUTES <br /> YOUTH COMMISSION MEETING <br /> SATURDAY, :NOVEMBER 6, 1999 <br /> 8:00 A.M. <br /> COUNCIL CHAMBERS <br /> Members In Attendance: <br /> Tom Cooke <br /> Nancy Czarnik <br /> Brian Keyworth <br /> Barb Lahtinen <br /> Brittany Marques <br /> Marian Noehre <br /> Chris Prochno <br /> Ashley Taylor <br /> Mike Urban <br /> Members Absent: <br /> Pat Feichter <br /> Chris reported that she and Barb did the PADS Walk for Make-A-Difference Day. They <br /> raised almost $300.00 for PADS. <br /> Tom updated the Commission on the status of the Park District's contribution to the <br /> scholarship fund. There is a problem with the Park District contributing to a scholarship. <br /> However, he might be able to submit his request as an award rather than a scholarship. <br /> He also learned that if he does 40 hours of community service in a certain area, his <br /> company will donate $500.00 for a scholarship. He plans on doing that next year. <br /> Chris reminded the Commission that the WACO Shopping Trip will be held on Saturday, <br /> December 4`h She will go to the Village Board to request some of the Lion's donation to <br /> augment the shopping money. She also notified the Community Service Department that <br /> the Commission would like to adopt a family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but not at <br /> Easter. Chris will contact the Commission members as soon as we have a family. Nancy <br /> pointed out that there is a need for people to deliver baskets. Anyone interested should <br /> contact Beth Madden at Community Services. <br /> Chris reported that she was unable to attend the last Youth Symposium meeting due to a <br /> scheduling conflict. She will talk to Beth. Madden and get the information needed at the <br /> next meeting date. <br /> Chris also reported that she was contacted by the Lieutenant Governor's Youth Liaison. <br /> He is interested in attending a Youth Commission meeting. He is seeking input on <br /> possibly starting a statewide Youth Commission. <br />