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PC Minutes - 2 - February 19, 2986 <br /> • <br /> Strawberry Hill Plaza (NE corner of Meacham & <br /> Biesterfield Roads) <br /> Alan Rosenzweig, the architect for the Strawberry Hill Plaza <br /> informed the Plan Commission members that on February 18, 1986 the <br /> Zoning Board of Appeals had voted to recommend that the Village <br /> Board approve all three variances requested by Strawberry Hill. <br /> They are: 1) sideyard setback variation of 19'; <br /> 2) rearyard setback variation of 5'; and <br /> 3) 213' overhang of parking space to be sidewalk. <br /> Robin Weaver substantiated those remarks and added that the President <br /> of the Roundtree Association, Mark Weiler, was present at the ZBA <br /> meeting to convey Roundtree's agreement on the screening plan and <br /> preference for the developer's setback variance requests. <br /> Tom Rettenbacher explained the need for a special location <br /> plan since ten parking spaces would be across lot lines. <br /> John Glass inquired about the 2A1' overhang on the perimeter <br /> stalls. He stated that he would prefer that they were not gravel. <br /> Alan Rosenzweig responded that it would probably be grass. Discussion <br /> followed regarding snowplowing and the appearance of the parking lot. <br /> George Mullen made a motion to approve the parking stall <br /> variance to permit any perimeter parking space to overhang 24' over <br /> a landscaped, green area which is specifically not gravel or stone <br /> and Leah Cummins seconded it. <br /> • Leah Cummins made a motion to recommend approval of the special <br /> location plan and the extension of parking stalls across lot lines <br /> as shown on the special location plan. George Mullen seconded <br /> the motion. <br /> The vote for approval for both motions was unanimous. <br /> (9:34 p.m. , 5 minute recess. ) <br /> Architectural Design Control <br /> Orrin Stangeland discussed ideas brought up at the July 23 <br /> subcommittee meeting. He mentioned the idea of having a resolution <br /> and including a checklist of items to be given to developers to <br /> encourage the prevention of monotonous design. <br /> David Paliganoff suggested the burden be placed upon the <br /> developer. A developer would have to demonstrate that his designs <br /> were not monotonous at the public hearing. <br /> Orrin Stangeland stated that while he agreed with the idea of <br /> voluntary compliance, the JPZ Committee had asked them to draft a <br /> resolution. The resolution would encourage compliance and a check- <br /> list could be given to developers as a guideline. <br /> The Plan Commission made a direction to staff to draft a <br /> resolution with attached guidelines for their review. <br /> The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 p.m. <br /> • Respectfully submitted <br /> JPhn M. Coakley <br /> ms Administrative Intern <br />