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• Plan Commission Minutes - 2 - November 19, 1986 <br /> Gerali - Caravan Properties (continued) <br /> Gerali stated that he will own and operate the business. The <br /> car wash would serve approximately 200 - 250 cars per day on regular <br /> days and up to 400 cars on peak days. The car wash also would have <br /> some limited retail sales of automobile accessories but would not <br /> sell gasoline. He said that construction would begin in April and <br /> would take four or five months to complete. <br /> Clark Fulton inquired about outdoor lighting. Jane Matheson <br /> responded that there would be some ornamental lighting and parking <br /> lot lights. She noted that all lighting would comply with Village <br /> Codes. <br /> Fulton inquired about the car wash operations. Reese explained <br /> the process and discussed prices and the different options available. <br /> David Paliganoff asked where the customers would be drawn from. <br /> Broihier responded that most will be passing by on Higgins Road. He <br /> said that some of the customers also will come from other areas. <br /> Reese added that Higgins Road was a good location because over 26,000 <br /> cars pass by the property each day. <br /> Leah Cummins stated that the Village staff should be commended <br /> . for their expedient handling and work on the petition. Cummins <br /> inquired about water causing problems on Higgins Road or Lively <br /> Boulevard during cold weather. Gerali responded that the cars would <br /> be dried thoroughly at the end of the process. <br /> Cummins also inquired about tinancing for the facility. Gerali <br /> responded that halt of the project would be financed by a bank in <br /> Mount Prospect. <br /> John Glass raised a concern about traffic flow problems and <br /> problems with the stacking spaces. Broihier discussed the traffic <br /> .flow as the cars enter the Sot, go through the car wash, and exit <br /> the property. <br /> Following further discussion, the public hearing was closed at <br /> 9:42 p.m. <br /> (9:43 p.m. - five minute recess. ) <br /> Leah Cummins made a motion to recommend approval of the rezoning <br /> from I-1 to B-3 for lot one of the proposed Gerali subdivision. Clark <br /> Fulton seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously. <br /> Local 522 onion Ball - Screening Plan <br /> (404 East Devon Avenue) <br /> Leah Cummins made a motion to approve the screening plan and <br /> David Paliganoff seconded it. The motion passed unanimously. <br /> • 900 Fargo - Screening Plan <br /> Tom Rettenbacher told the Plan Commission that he is working <br /> with 900 Fargo Avenue to obtain a revised screening plan. <br />