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Elk Grove Village Fire Department <br /> Foreign Fire Insurance Board Meeting Minutes <br /> January 15, 2009 <br /> Call to order <br /> 19160 hrs by Chairman Sharp <br /> Roll Call <br /> PRESENT: Chief Miller, B/C Denna, Sharp, Hollerbach; R. Denna; J. Denna; McVeigh; Ryan <br /> ABSENT: C. Trump, Rogers, Fordon, Kelly <br /> Sit in: Rishling, DC miller, Keenan <br /> Quorum present? Yes <br /> Minutes approval delayed till February 2009 meeting <br /> Correspond ence[Memhers to be: <br /> D/C Miller— requested funds from the board for up to $48,000 for the purchase of new state-of-the-art <br /> Cardiac Monitors, the board agreed to add additional Bluetooth capabilities. Approved by the board for <br /> S48,000 <br /> Todd Rishling requested funds from the board for the purchase of a new boat trailer $10;000 and a new <br /> boat$15,000 with a priority request for the trailer. Trailer Approved by the board for S10,000, the boat <br /> was not approved. <br /> Chief Miller—requested approval for $20,000, which is approximately half the fund for a new Fire Safety <br /> House. He advised the Fire Department will pay for half from it's budget, also advised that he was looking <br /> into sharing the purchase with other departments, especially if half not approved by FFIB. Approved by the <br /> board for 520,000 <br /> Chairman's Report: Thank FFIB members whose terms were up, welcomed new members <br /> Vice Chairman's Report: None <br /> Secretary/Treasurer Report: <br /> a. $654.640 <br /> -Committee Reports <br /> - Education Committee: Nothing <br /> OLD BUSINESS <br /> a. FF Nejedlo and others gathering quotes for Fitness equipment quotes for Treadmills, Elliptical and <br /> Recumbent Bikes <br /> b. Satellite or Cable Service deals being gather by Mike Rogers and Sharp <br /> c. 2008 —2009 budget purchases: All Purchases completed except <br /> 1. Pay the cost for 3 personnel to attend Paramedic school to add to FD's 4...................Ongoing <br /> 2. All Elk Grove Fire History transferred digitally to a DVD.................................In Research <br /> I Fire Station sanitizing...................waiting for the fall & station 7/Village Hall construction <br /> NEW BUSINESS <br /> a. Budget the amount for the all ready FFIB approved item to replace workout equipment: $50,000 <br /> b. Budget the amount for the all ready FFIB approved item to fund satellite/Cable TV service: $2000.00 yr <br /> c. Election results: 1" Shift—Hollerbach & McVeigh. 2"d Shift- Sharp, Rogers, Fordon. ) Shift—J. Denna, <br /> Ryan y <br /> d. FFIB board positions; Chairman—Sharp, Vice Chairman, Secretary postpone till later date <br /> Adjournment: 2036 <br />