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Notes from August 21, 1979 Judiciary, Planning and Zoning Committee/Plan <br /> Commission Meeting (8:00 p.m.) <br /> JPZ COMMITTEE: PLAN COMMISSION: <br /> Nanci L. Vanderweel, Chairman John R. Glass, Acting Chairman <br /> James P. Petri Leah Cummins, Secretary <br /> Theodore J. Staddler Frederick C. Geinosky <br /> STAFF: George E. Mullen <br /> Stephen M. Feller, Orrin J. Stangeland <br /> Administrative Assistant <br /> (Trustee Edward R. Hauser was also in attendance:) <br /> Vanderweel began the discussion by asking for comments on the draft, <br /> "Request for Proposals to Update the Comprehensive Plan" (attached) .- <br /> After <br /> attached) .After much discussion, Vanderweel noted that it was the consensus of <br /> the group that items 6, 10, and 11 in the draft R.F.P. should be con- <br /> solidated into one item. <br /> Geinosky inquired as to whether each of the potential consultants <br /> should be required to submit a three year financial statement. Vanderweel <br /> responded that the answers to the thirteen questions included in the draft <br /> R.F.P. should provide a sense of the financial stability of the potential <br /> consultants. However, she added that if additional financial information <br /> is needed, then it can be asked for during the interview of potential <br /> consultants. <br /> Geinosky questioned whether the Zoning Ordinance would be updated <br /> along with the Comprehensive Master Plan. He added that the Ordinance <br /> was poorly organized and needed to be presented more clearly. Vanderweel <br /> suggested that it would be appropriate to wait and see what changes take <br /> place in the new Comprehensive Plan before updating the Zoning Ordinance. <br /> She added that this issue would be discussed during the interview of <br /> potential consultants. <br /> Glass asked if a requirement of the R.F.P. should be for the potential <br /> consultants to include a proposed contract for the completion of the <br /> Comprehensive Plan. Vanderweel noted that it was the consensus of the <br /> group to require the submission of a proposed contract. <br /> Cummins remarked that the planning consultants selected in the <br /> past had not been adequate and that there is a need to guard against <br /> making the same mistakes. Geinosky suggested that a more structured <br /> interview process might be necessary. <br /> The group agreed that R.F.P. 's should be sent to the following six <br /> firms: Metcalf and Eddy, Inc.; PRC - Toups Corporation; Associated <br /> Planners; Planning Horizons, Inc.; Rolf C. Campbell and Associates; and.. <br /> Allen L. Kracower & Associates, Inc. <br /> The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m. <br /> SMF:ms <br /> c: Village Manager <br /> Assistant Village Manager <br /> Village Clerk <br /> Village Board <br />