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MINUTES <br /> Elk Grove Plan Commission <br /> July 18, 1979 <br /> The regular meeting of the Plan Commission was called to order by <br /> Acting Chairman Stangeland at 8:15 p.m. on Wednesday, July 18, 1979 in the <br /> Multi-Purpose Room of the Municipal Building, 901 Wellington Avenue. <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: MEMBERS ABSENT: <br /> Orrin Stangeland, Acting Chairman George Mullen <br /> Leah Cummins <br /> Fred Geinosky STAFF PRESENT: <br /> John Glass Stephen M. Feller <br /> Administrative Assistant <br /> DOCKET 79-2 CEDAR CREST ANNEXATION & REZONING <br /> Stangeland noted that the Village had received a telephone call from <br /> Samuel LaSusa indicating that the petitioners wished to withdraw the Petition <br /> to annex the ten-acre parcel of land located at the southeast corner of Meacham <br /> Road and Biesterfield Road. <br /> PLAT OF DEDICATION FOR STREETS IN SECTION 24 <br /> Stangeland announced that the Village had received a letter from a <br /> representative of the Cook County Department of Highways stating that the <br /> Department would like to see the Meacham Road right-of-way in Section 24 <br /> lined up with the right-of-way in Section 23A. The letter inidcated that <br /> while the Department would prefer to see the land dedicated, it would also <br /> be acceptable to designate the area as a "permanent easement to the public <br /> for highway purposes". <br /> Joseph Luciani, Director of Land Development for Centex Homes, <br /> noted that the County requires only 100 ft. of dedicated right-of-way as <br /> opposed to the Village which has been requiring 120 ft. Luciani referred to <br /> the additional 20 feet as "surplus" right-of-way and stated that the area <br /> would only serve to enlarge the parkway. <br /> Luciani continued by remarking that the dedication of a right-of- <br /> way with sufficient width to align Meacham Road would not diminish the ratio <br /> of open space for the Section 24 development. <br /> Luciani suggested that the developer would be willing to dedicate <br /> 23 feet of the 33 feet necessary to al-ign the right-of-way and then designate <br /> the remaining 10 feet as an easement for highway purposes. He added that the <br /> Village would need to provide some direction on how these adjustments would <br /> affect the Land Use and Zoning Map which has already been recorded. <br /> Glass questioned why these problems were not resolved prior to sub- <br /> mitting the Plat to the Plan Commission. Luciani responded that the matter <br /> had been discussed previously but that he did not see it as the developer's <br /> responsibility to correct the problem since the jog continues on through <br /> another village. <br /> Stangeland directed staff to determine what effect the changes to <br /> the Plat of Dedication would have on the previously recorded Land Use and <br /> Zoning Map. Stangeland also asked staff to submit a recommendation on the <br /> acceptability of the proposed 10=ft. easement for highway purposes. <br />