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a <br /> • • <br /> MINUTES <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE PLAN COMMISSION <br /> March 5, 1980 <br /> The regular meeting of the Plan Commission was called to order by <br /> Chairman Kenna at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 5, 1980 in the Multi- <br /> Purpose Room of the Municipal Building, 901 Wellington Avenue. <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: STAFF PRESENT: <br /> Kenna, Edward W. , Chm. Stephen M. Feller, <br /> Cummins, Leah, Secretary Administrative Assistant <br /> Geinosky, Frederick C. <br /> Glass, John. R. <br /> MEMBERS ABSENT: <br /> Farley, Donna O. <br /> Mullen, George E. <br /> Stangeland, Orrin J. <br /> Preliminary Plat of Subdivision: Klefstad Industrial Park. <br /> Kenna announced that Klefstad is revising the Preliminary Plat of <br /> Subdivision to show Landmeier Road extended straight through their parcel <br /> to intersect with Elmhurst Road. This revision will eliminate the need <br /> to obtain the 30 foot easement along Riemer Road. <br /> Landscaping Plan: Landmeier Road Truck. Terminal <br /> Kenna related that Klefstad has expressed an interest in placing <br /> the majority of the screening along the property line of the single <br /> family homes on the north side of Landmeier Road. Cummins commented <br /> that there would still be a need to install screening along the truck <br /> terminal property on the south side of Landmeier Road. Fredrick Cesaretti, <br /> 299 Fleetwood Lane asked that he be given some time to consider Klefstad's <br /> approach to solving the problem. <br /> Docket 80-1: Stein/Oehlerking Petition for Annexation & Rezoning <br /> The Plan Commission discussed the testimony presented at the <br /> February 20, 1980 Public Hearing on the petition of Minnie Stein and <br /> Harry Oehlerking. The petitioners were requesting that the village <br /> annex 3.98 acres of property located on the south side of Oakton Street, <br /> approximately 120 feet east of Shadywood Lane. The annexation would <br /> be made contingent on the property's being zoned A-2, Multiple Family <br /> Residence District. The Village's Official Map shows the property <br /> zoned I-1, Restricted Industrial District. <br /> Kenna reported that he had received a letter from Bart K. Dill, <br /> President of the Elk Grove Park District, requesting the extension. of <br /> Willow Lane the full length of the subject property. Kenna noted <br /> that the letter did not address the parking problem in the area, and he <br /> asked the Park Board make a commitment to solve the problem. <br />