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Minutes <br /> Elk Grove Village Plan Commission <br /> Wednesday, October 21, 1981 <br /> The regularly scheduled meeting of the Plan Commission was <br /> called to order at 8:20 p.m. on Wednesday, October 21, 1981 in the <br /> Multi-Purpose Room of the Municipal Building, 901 Wellington Avenue. <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: <br /> Cummins, Leah, Secretary <br /> Fulton, Clark <br /> Geinosky, Frederick C. <br /> Mullen, George E. <br /> Paliganoff, David J. <br /> Stangeland, Orrin J. <br /> Glass, John R. , Chm. (arrived 8:40 p.m.) <br /> JPZ MEMBERS PRESENT: <br /> James P. Petri <br /> Edward R. Hauser (arrived 8:30 p.m.) <br /> STAFF PRESENT: <br /> James E. Sunagel, Deputy Fire Chief <br /> Jon P. Wildenberg, Administrative Assistant <br /> Landscape Plan: L•andmeier Road at Perrie Drive <br /> Esper Petersen was present to answer questions regarding the <br /> landscape plan he submitted for the purpose of screening his industrial <br /> property from the Regency Square apartment complex across Perrie Drive. <br /> Petersen went on to state that the Amur Privets he proposed are preferred <br /> over Buckthorns, for his past experience has shown that Buckthorns thin <br /> out on the bottom. <br /> In response to Cummins, Petersen told the Commission he would adjust <br /> the spacing between plants to 30 inches. <br /> Paliganoff expressed concerns regarding the necessity to trim the <br /> landscape material. Petersen responded that trimming would probably <br /> not be required as the area is quite open and the intent of the landscape <br /> plan is to let the plant material spread and provide as much screening <br /> as possible. Petersen assured Commission members that Regency Square <br /> property owners would be allowed to trim the material should they want <br /> to. <br /> In response to Fulton, Petersen stated that the height of material <br /> at planting would be 4' - 5' and the mature height would be 10' - 12' <br /> in five years. <br /> Stangeland inquired whether a mix of Buckthorn and Privet would <br /> be possible. Petersen. replied that he would like to stick with Privet <br /> because it is highly recommended by his nurseryman. <br /> Fulton moved to accept the proposed landscape plan of Esper Petersen <br /> to be planted along his west property line near the northeast corner of <br /> Landmeier and Perrie Drive, with a spacing of 30 inches between planting <br /> material, and approximately 212 total Amur Privet plants. Geinosky <br /> seconded. The motion was unanimously approved. <br />