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Minutes <br /> Elk Grove Village Plan Commission <br /> Wednesday, April 1, 1981 <br /> The regular meeting of the Plan Commission was called to order at <br /> 8 p.m. on Wednesday, April 1, 1981 in the Council Chamber of the <br /> Municipal Building, 901 Wellington Avenue. <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: STAFF PRESENT: <br /> Kenna, Edward W. , Chairman Stephen M. Feller, <br /> Cummins, Leah, Secretary Administrative Assistant <br /> Geinosky, Frederick C. Thomas Rettenbacher, <br /> Glass, John R. Building Commissioner <br /> Paliganoff, David J. <br /> Stangeland, Orrin J. <br /> MEMBERS ABSENT: <br /> Mullen, George E. <br /> Docket 81-3: Centex Homes' Petition to Amend the <br /> Special Use Permit for the Hampton <br /> Farms Development <br /> The Plan Commission, acting as a Zoning Commission, conducted a <br /> Public Hearing on the petition of Centex Homes Midwest, Inc. for an <br /> amendment to Ordinance No. 1292, which grants a Special Use Permit for <br /> development of property as a Planned Unit Development in Winston Grove <br /> Section 24. The petitioners were requesting the amendment to make <br /> certain changes to the building design and number of bedrooms in the <br /> remaining units that have not been constructed under the approved plan. <br /> The remaining units would be constructed as follows: <br /> (1) Fifty-two (52) townhouse modules, each consisting of a one story, <br /> two bedroom condominium unit over a one story, one bedroom con- <br /> dominium unit. Each condominium unit would have an attached <br /> one car garage and a private entry. <br /> (2) Ninety (90) two story, two or three bedroom units. Each unit <br /> would have an attached one car garage. <br /> The property is located west of Meacham Road and north of the Chicago <br /> District Pipeline right-of-way. <br /> William Gilli1an, President of Centex Homes; Fred Feinstein, <br /> Attorney; Russel Taylor, Land Planner; Paul Ulatowski, Engineer; <br /> Gerald Harker, Vice President of Centex Homes; and Joe Luciani, Vice <br /> President of Centex Homes, were present to represent the petitioner. <br /> Feinstein began by explaining that this petition is a separate <br /> issue from the Elk Grove Park District's desire to work with Centex <br /> Homes to acquire land for a golf course in Section 24. Centex has <br /> not yet submitted a petition for the zoning changes that might be <br /> needed to accommodate the golf course. <br />