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Plan Commission Minutes - 2 - April 1, 1981 <br /> Docket 81-3 (continued) <br /> Gillilan noted that the current Hampton Farms townhouse project <br /> has been financially unsuccessful. He related that discussions with <br /> potential purchasers of townhouse units indicated that the development <br /> would have broader market appeal if a few changes were made to the <br /> building design. The potential purchasers suggested attaching the <br /> garages to the units, reducing the percentage of three bedroom units, <br /> providing a three bedroom unit with 2�- bathrooms, and revising the <br /> exterior design to a more traditional architectural style. <br /> Gillilan pointed out that Centex is not seeking any variations <br /> to the Village's Zoning Ordinance and that the utility and street <br /> locations would not change under the new proposal. Gillilan added <br /> that the number of buildings would remain the same as approved and <br /> that the new plan would have more open space than was previously <br /> approved. <br /> Gillilan reported that the number of units and bedrooms would <br /> change under the proposed plan as follows: <br /> Approved by Proposed <br /> Ordinance 1292 Amendment <br /> Units 206 258 <br /> Bedrooms 553 504 - 594* <br /> *Centex would retain the flexibility of choosing between <br /> having 2 or 3 bedrooms in ninety of the units. <br /> Gillilan added that the increase in dwelling units would most likely <br /> reduce the monthly assessment and maintenance burden of future <br /> homeowners. <br /> Paliganoff asked if the proposed structures will have fire walls. <br /> Gillilan indicated that the Building Code requires a two hour fire <br /> separation between units. <br /> Stangeland questioned whether or not Centex had conducted marketing <br /> research when developing the new product. Gillilan replied that he <br /> had spent many hours talking with potential purchasers about the types <br /> of changes that should be made to the units. <br /> Stangeland asked if there were adequate provisions for parking <br /> in the proposed plan. Gillilan replied that adequate parking will be <br /> available and that this project has more parking than most competing <br /> developments. He added that the previously approved plan provided <br /> for 3.6 parking spaces per unit and the new plan has 2.5 parking <br /> spaces per unit. <br /> Cummins inquired whether or not Centex had considered including <br /> basements in the units. Gillilan replied that there is not a sufficient <br /> demand for basements because of the additional costs that are involved. <br /> Glass questioned if the architectural style of the proposed <br /> buildings will blend in with the units that have already been constructed. <br /> Gillilan replied that in his opinion the two styles are compatible. <br />