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MINUTES <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE PLAN COMMISSION <br /> March 8, 1976 <br /> The regular meeting of the Plan Commission was called to order <br /> at 8:13 p.m. on Monday, March 8, 1976 in the Staff Conference Room of <br /> the Municipal Building, 901 Wellington Avenue. <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: MEMBERS ABSENT: <br /> William Shannon Leah Cummins <br /> Edward Hauser Alvin Krasnow <br /> Thomas Hamilton STAFF PRESENT: <br /> Warren Jacobson Thomas Rettenbacher, <br /> Stan Klyber <br /> William Wesley (8:30 p.m.) Building Commissioner <br /> Robert Mullen, <br /> Administrative Intern <br /> New Business <br /> Notification of Public Hearings were as follows : <br /> A. DuPage County Board of Appeals on March 18, 1976 concerning a <br /> radio tower to be built between Busse Road and Elmhurst <br /> Road, west of Ellis Street and south of Devon Avenue. <br /> B. Cook County Hearing on March 12, 1976 concerning the application <br /> for industrial zoning of a 9 acre small industrial center <br /> belonging to John Gullo. This property is located north of <br /> Oakton and west of Higgins . Hamilton moved that Gullo be <br /> notified to either annex to Elk Grove Village , or risk <br /> opposition from the Plan Commission for County industrial <br /> zoning. Hauser seconded. All but Klyber voted "Aye". <br /> A letter from the law firm of Gaines, Boyer, and Shepp was intro- <br /> duced petitioning the Plan Commission to extend the 5 year annexation <br /> privileges given to the Triton Industrial Park on June 10, 1969. The <br /> Triton Industrial Park is seeking a five year extension period to complete <br /> the development of Parcel 5 as cited in Resolution 58-69 passed May 20, <br /> 1969. Mr. Shannon instructed the Administrative Intern to find out <br /> whether this matter was the concern of the Village Board or the Plan <br /> Commission. <br /> A motion was made by Chairman Shannon to correct the minutes of <br /> the February 23, 1976 Plan Commission notes to read "80 units on 12. 1 <br /> acres" instead of "80 units on 20 acres" in the section on Rountree <br /> Commons . Klyber seconded. All voted "Aye". <br /> Arvidson's Silver Streams <br /> Mr. Rettenbacher informed the Commission that the drawings submitted <br /> by Arvidson did not resemble the final plat in a strong enough manner to <br /> warrant Commission action. Shannon recommended that Arvidson be notified <br /> of the Commission's desire to have him resubmit detailed drawings . <br />