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N <br /> z • <br /> MINUTES <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE PLAN COMMISSION <br /> June 13, 1977 <br /> The regular meeting of the Plan Commission was called to <br /> order by Chairman Shannon at 8: 12 P.M. on Monday, June 13, 1977 in <br /> the Council Chamber of the Municipal Building, 901 Wellington Avenue. <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: MEMBERS ABSENT: <br /> William Shannon, Chairman William Wesley <br /> Leah Cummins, Secretary STAFF PRESENT: <br /> Edward Hauser (8:45) Thomas Rettenbacher, <br /> John Glass Building Commissioner <br /> Thomas Hamilton Robert Callahan, <br /> James Petri Building Supervisor <br /> Richard Finn, <br /> Administrative Intern <br /> Public Hearing: Docket 77-5 <br /> David L. Callies, the Attorney representing LaSalle National Bank <br /> was present to represent the petitioner. The petitioner was requesting <br /> a Special Use in an 1-1 District under Section 5.85 of the Zoning <br /> Ordinance. The proposed establishment would include a motor lodge, <br /> restaurant, banquet and meeting rooms . The proposed location is south <br /> of Old Higgins Road, north of Oakton Street and on the west side of <br /> Busse Road on S D K property. <br /> Mr. Callies began his presentation by questioning Harold J. Surp, <br /> General Manager for one of the Midway Motels located in Wisconsin. <br /> Surp gave a general review of the history of Midway Motels. He stated <br /> that Midway's first commitment was to the service of their clientele. <br /> Mr. Callies next called on Thomas Maher, one of the architects <br /> representing the Midway Motel organization. Mr. Maher briefly described <br /> the parking which would surround the proposed structure. He further <br /> explained the general design of the structure. Mr. Maher concluded by <br /> stating that the main access to the proposed establishment would be <br /> located on Oakton Street. A second access would also be located on <br /> Oakton Street with a third access located off Busse Road. The fourth <br /> access would be located off Old Higgins Road. <br /> Callies ' next supportive witness was Douglas Kramer, President of <br /> Draper and Kramer. Mr. Kramer stated that Mi:dway Motel had an excellent <br /> reputation and he was very impressed by the Midway organization. Upon <br /> the conclusion of Mr. Kramer's statement, Callies called Robert Teska <br /> to be sworn in before the Plan Commission. Teska, an urban planner, <br /> stated that he had examined the proposed site and he made the following <br /> observations: <br /> (1) The proposed development would provide a needed service both <br /> to the industrial sections and residential sections of the Village; <br /> (2) The development is appropriately located; <br /> (3) The site is compatible with Village Ordinances and the <br /> Comprehensive Plan; <br /> (4) The proposed establishment is very well designed. <br /> . . . continued <br />