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Elk Grove Village Police Pension Board <br /> April 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes <br /> 901 Wellington Ave, Elk Grove Village IL <br /> The regular meeting was called to order at 3:34 PM by President Torres. Also present were Trustee <br /> Gottwald,Trustee Moody,Trustee Schmidt,Christine Tromp from the Elk Grove Village Finance <br /> Department,Doug Oest from Marquette Associates, Police Chief Charles Walsh and Deputy Chief <br /> Michael Gaspari,Trustee Ambrose was absent. A quorum was present. <br /> The minutes of the last meeting,January 10"', 2017,were read, A motion to approve the minutes of the <br /> last meeting was made by Trustee Moody, Second by Trustee Gottwald. Ave to approve:Moody, <br /> Gottwald, Schmidt and Torres. Motion carried. <br /> Trustee Ambrose arrived at 3:58 PM. <br /> The financial advisor Doug Oest from Marquette Associates provided the financial report. The Board's <br /> investments and perfon-nance were discussed(up 3.9%for quarter and 9.3%for the fiscal year).Oest <br /> discussed Marquette Associates commitment to presenting the Board with financial information and <br /> ensured the fund will continue to be positioned in a financially responsible manner. No changes were <br /> recommended at this time.No action was taken. <br /> The next regular meeting date was scheduled for Tuesday,July I Ith, 2017 at 3:30PM at 901 Wellington <br /> Ave, Elk Grove Village, IL. <br /> The treasureCs report was presented by Christine Tromp. As of Februan,2015,the Village has recorded <br /> S 1,532,809 in revenue for the police pension portion of the electric tax for the fiscal year.The Board was <br /> made aware of the passing of retired Police Officer John Walters. He passed on April 8,2017.The Board <br /> expressed their sympathies. A motion to approve the treasurer's report was made by Trustee Torres, <br /> Second by Trustee Moody. Ave to approve: Moody, Gottwald, Ambrose and Torres. Motion carried. <br /> The Board had no additional information on a record keeping firm at this time. The topic was tabled for a <br /> later time. <br /> 'rhe Board received the resignation of Officer Roger Hendrickson, effective January 27,2017. At this <br /> time.lie has not requested a refund of contributions.No action was taken. <br /> The Board received the resignation of Officer Mickelson, effective March 2,2017, At this time,he has <br /> not requested a refund of contributions. No action was taken. <br /> Trustee Moody completed 8 hours of training on Continuing Pension Fund Trustee Education on <br /> 02/16/17. <br /> The following expenses were presented: <br /> An $11,250.00 expense was incurred on 04/01/2017 for Investment Consulting Services to <br /> Marquette Associates. <br /> A $415.00 expense was incurred on 04/06/2017 for Trustee Torres' registration for the upcoming <br /> Pension Conference. <br />