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MINUTES <br /> REGULAR PLAN COMMISSION MEETING <br /> November 16, 1972 <br /> Members Present: Chairman William Shannon; Messrs . Thomas Hamilton, <br /> Mead Killion, Al Krasnow, Richard Pottker, Richard <br /> Sorenson; Secretary Leah Cummins. <br /> Others Present: Mr. Thomas Rettenbacher and later Mr. Robert Franz, <br /> representing Administration; Mr. Calkins, Mr. Handler, <br /> Mr. Alschuler, Messrs. Manaves and Kotsios and their <br /> attorney, Mr. McLennan, Mrs. Kathy Duoba. <br /> 1 . New Business : <br /> The Plan Commission conducted a public hearing at 8:08 P.M. , <br /> covering a text amendment to the Zoning Ordinance for parking require- <br /> ments for certain unique type uses . This transaction is reported in <br /> full in a document known as Docket 72-11 which is on file in the <br /> Village Clerk's office. <br /> At 9: 10 P.M. the hearing ended and the Plan Commission convened <br /> upstairs with their first order of business being the aforegoing <br /> petition. There was considerable discussion on this matter. Mr. <br /> Rettenbacher waxed eloquent during both the public hearing and the <br /> Plan Commission' s discussion. His passionate, often repeated plea <br /> for more pavement will go down in the annals of outstanding soliloquies <br /> delivered within this hallowed Village Hall 's walls! It is impossible <br /> to recreate in this writing his ardent monoloque, but a good example <br /> of it may be found in the public record of Docket 72711 . At the <br /> termination of Mr. Rettenbacher' s address , your Plan Commission Secretary <br /> was tempted to lift her rootbeer slurpee on high and propose a toast <br /> to Elk Grove Village - the land of the fee and the home of the paved. <br /> Her self-restraint should be both noted and commended. <br /> In the wake of all this, Mr. Killion moved for approval of five <br /> parking spaces per tennis court plus fulfillment of applicable require- <br /> ments of the proposed Zoning Ordinance for related uses. His motion <br /> died for lack of a second. He then moved for approval of a text <br /> amendment to the Zoning Ordinance of the Village of Elk Grove Village <br /> as it pertains to Article X, B-1 , "Business District Regulations" <br /> Section 3, Parking Requirements, by adding thereto the following: <br /> "provided however that certain unique uses hereinafter designated <br /> shall not be required to provide said parking areas, but rather the <br /> amount of parking space set opposite the use. Tennis Clubs - six <br /> parking spaces for each tennis court". <br /> Voting AYE: Hamilton, Killion, Krasnow, Pottker, Sorenson, Cummins; <br /> Voting NAY: Shannon. <br /> It must be mentioned that Mr. Shannon' s "NAY" was not only a <br /> vote, it was a pronouncement! We were all thrust into deep contemplation <br /> concerning the message our leader had delivered. If one has ever heard <br />