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2. Minutes (continued) <br /> being distributed. Corrections to the minutes were graciously made by the <br /> Secretary after which they were approved by the membership. <br /> 3. Unfinished Business: <br /> A. Devon - 53 Project. Mrs. Cummins reported having fulfilled her assignment <br /> of checking credentials of the Kracower firm; the recommendation came <br /> rather high, but further consideration to employing this firm as a con- <br /> sultant was postponed until the next meeting. <br /> B. Centex North Stage II . Mr. Kobus introduced his attorney and then proceeded <br /> to retrace the sequence of events he has experienced since first submitting <br /> his proposal for a town factory to the Plan Commission. He said his first <br /> plan was rejected in January 1972 and that subsequently he came before <br /> the Commission, correcting his plan to override a series of objections <br /> such as water retention, right of way for reduction of the curve in the <br /> street, egress-ingress patterns, and lastly, the Fire Department'-s <br /> objection concerning the room required to accommodate emergency vehicles. <br /> Chairman Shannon commented that Lieutenant Henrici removed his objections. <br /> He finds he can "live with the current plan". Commissioner Pottker has <br /> trouble with that particular expression; it connotes less than approval , <br /> and something in the nature of silent suffering of a condition that is <br /> undesireable. <br /> From time to time we hear department heads or their representatives <br /> say that a proposed plan is something "I can live with". Some research <br /> by the Secretary shows that in a scale of values from 1 to 5, ranking 1 <br /> as the highest value, the value "I can live with it" rates No. 3. Number <br /> 1 is "I can' t live without it". Number 2 is "It' s Okay". Number 3 is <br /> "I can I+ve with it". Number 4 is "I can live without it". And Number 5 <br /> is "I can' t live with it". <br /> Truck circulation and truck passage continues to disturb members. <br /> The police patrol and emergency service was also discussed. Central <br /> janitorial service was questioned. Mr. Siewert asked for a guarantee <br /> of underground utilities on the north and east sides of the planned <br /> development, to which Mr. Kobus assented. <br /> Mead Killion came out of the silent zone to state his objection to <br /> the handling of this plan by the Commission. He felt the developer had <br /> adequately responded to every question, objection and request, and that <br /> it was incumbent on us now to take action, one way or another without <br /> any further dangling or delaying measures. It was then moved by Cummins, <br /> seconded by Pottker that the town factory concept and the site plan be <br /> approved, for Centex North Stage II . Mr. Siewert amended the motion by <br /> including the requirement for underground utility easements on the <br /> north and east sides of the property. Voting AYE: Siewert, Pottker, <br /> Sorenson, Krasnow and Cummins. ABSTAIN: Killion. <br /> Mr. Rettenbacher amazed us by mentioning we had approved a plan that <br /> has NO SITE. We wonder whose dilemna is worse: Mr. Kobus who has a <br /> plan without a site; or Mr. George Long who has a site without a plan. <br /> Tune in next week and find out. <br /> - 2 - Plan Commission Minutes <br /> October 19, 1972 <br />