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MINUTES <br /> REGULAR PLAN COMMISSION MEETING <br /> September 21 , 1972 <br /> Members Present: Messrs. Gayle Bantner, Thomas Hamilton, Mead Killion, <br /> Alvin Krasnow, Richard Pottker; Mrs. Leah Cummins, <br /> Secretary. <br /> Although it is not the practice of this august body of <br /> planners to keep track of each member' s attendance, it <br /> should be noted in this record that Chairman Shannon's <br /> •absence was conspicuous , . . . .and shall be reported to <br /> the Village President. <br /> Others Present: Trustee Nanci Vanderweel , Mlle Michelle (whose course <br /> work in her master' s degree program is now complete; <br /> it is heartwarming to note that Mr. Krasnow is helping <br /> her with her thesis) . <br /> Mr. Calkins was in attendance and slid off the edge of <br /> his chair when the phone rang. Mr. Ret,tenbacher, repre- <br /> senting Administration was also present. <br /> 1 . Minutes: <br /> At 8:05 p.m. Mr. Krasnow, as Acting Chairman, called the meeting to <br /> order and directed the Secretary to read the minutes ofthe Septem- <br /> ber 7, 1972 meeting - which she did. The members booed loudly and <br /> then unanimously approved those minutes . <br /> 3. Unfinished Business : <br /> A. Mrs. Cummins explained that she had contacted Mr. Kracower, a <br /> .professional planner from Evanston, and, after interviewing him <br /> by phone, invited him to attend the Plan Commission meeting that <br /> night. <br /> At this point, Mr. Kracower arrived and presented some written <br /> materials which are representative of documents he completed for <br /> other communities. He verbally reviewed for the Plan Commission <br /> members, ways and means in which he has served as consultant to <br /> municipalities faced with development decisions. Plan Commission <br /> members questioned him at length, and finally it was requested <br /> that he summarize his proposed services in letter-form along with <br /> a cost estimate for such services. The consultant assignment <br /> refers to the Devon-53 Project for which Plan Comm.ission members <br /> are seeking to be expertly informed, as is their custom. <br /> I . Higgins Industrial Park Unit No. 96. It was moved by Cummins, <br /> seconded by Pottker that this plat be approved. All members present <br /> voted AYE. <br /> J. Higgins Industrial Park Unit No. 97, Lots Nos. 141 and 142. It <br /> was moved by Bantner, seconded by Killion that this plat be approved. <br /> All members present voted AYE. * <br />