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t. <br /> 3. Unfinished Business : (continued) <br /> K. Higgins Industrial Park Unit No. 98. It was moved by Bantner, <br /> seconded by Cummins that this plat be approved. All present voted <br /> AYE. <br /> M. Howard Street Dedication. It was moved by Cummins , seconded by <br /> Bantner that this plat be approved. All present voted AYE. <br /> N. Centex Industrial Park Unit No. 171 . It was moved by Killion, <br /> seconded by Bantner that this plat be approved. Much discussion <br /> ensued as members sought to amend the motion to include a con- <br /> tingent statement. It was felt the approval should only be <br /> forwarded to the Trustees subject to the property coming up to <br /> Village standards for development in the flood plain according <br /> to the Village Engineer. It was considered unnecessary to append <br /> this to the motion for approval . On roll call , all members <br /> present voted AYE with the exception of Mr. Pottker, who abstained. <br /> L. Laura's Resubdivision. This plat was returned .to the Village <br /> Engineer for clarification of the ten (10' ) foot rear easement. <br /> The Secretary of the Plan Commission was directed to call the <br /> Kane-DuPage Soil and Water Conservation District at 232-0820 to <br /> see if McLennan had requested a recommendation from this body; <br /> and also to obtain a supply of application forms for future <br /> developers of land in DuPage County. <br /> B. Centex North Stage II . Next, the Plan Commission directed its <br /> attention to Centex North Stage II , anddeliberated at great <br /> length on this proposed development. Messrs. Krasnow and Retten- <br /> bacher had travelled with Mr. Shannon to the site in Elmhurst <br /> where a similar development was built.. They reported on their <br /> impressions. Mr. Killion noted that the new plan removed all <br /> objections that had previously been called to the attention of <br /> the developer. Still , the planners were reluctant to push <br /> ahead with approval , pending still another field trip, which <br /> it was requested Mr. Rettenbacher make to Northbrook, to see <br /> another example of this type of development for comparison sake. <br /> At this point (11 :00 p.m. ) , Trustee Vanderweel and Mrs. Cummins left the <br /> meeting and the rest of the planners were left with their own devices to <br /> conclude the meeting --which they allegedly did without considering any <br /> additional items of business. <br /> Approved: 10/5/72 <br /> LC:ms <br /> cc: Village President Village Clerk <br /> Board of Trustees Village Engineer <br /> Village. Manager Police Chief <br /> Admin.istrative Assistant Fire Chief ' <br /> Building Commissioner Park District <br /> Health Inspector Centex <br /> 2 - Plan Commission Minutes <br /> 9/21/72 <br />