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MINUTES <br /> REGULAR PLAN COMMISSION MEETING <br /> September 7, 1972 <br /> Members Present: Chairman William Shannon; Messrs. Thomas Hamilton, Mead Killion, <br /> Alvin Krasnow, Charles Siewert, Richard Sorenson. <br /> 1 . New Business: <br /> A. Resubdivision Lot #4, Rogers Industrial Park (Lawrence Anderson) . <br /> With exception of soil conservation approval , Lot appeared okay. <br /> Approved subject to receipt of North Cook County Soil and Water Conserva- <br /> tion District recommendation. Motion by Killion - Krasnow. We to hold <br /> for receipt of recommendation prior to release to Village Board. Motion <br /> carried. (Hamil'ton abstained because of dual role. ) <br /> B. Centex Stage II - North (Gottleib & Beale - Dick Kobus) (Busche & <br /> Markson Arch - Ron Stolarz) <br /> A general discussion was held on the above and we recommended the <br /> drawings show a water retention pond - That street dedication be at <br /> 40 feet (from center) , that further work be done to show how drainage <br /> will be accomplished from the hard surface, that easements be shown, <br /> considerations be given to show removal , fire lanes, etc. Upon receipt <br /> of this information, we will give additional consideration to this <br /> development. <br /> C. Devon - 53 (Park District) Ed Hauser, Jack Claes. <br /> General discussion was held. <br /> D. Longfellow Subdivision of Elk Grove Medical and Dental Park. <br /> A discussion was held on the Subdivision and the use of this land. <br /> A motion was made to reject the request for subdivision (Killion - <br /> Hamilton) because of: <br /> 1 . Creates a nonconforming use Lot #3• <br /> 2. Divided easements - two 20 foot roads. <br /> 3. Traffic pattern major concern. <br /> 4. Two roads on Arlington Heights Road only 158 feet apart. <br /> 5. Physical aspects - medical building becomes nonconforming if <br /> proposed subdivision passed. <br /> 6: Lot #1 becomes nonconforming to present ordinance because of <br /> lack of parking and access to parking. <br /> 7. Not enough dedication (45 feet only - 8 feet more needed) . <br /> 8. Not in accordance with the stated plan on which original zoning <br /> was granted in 1963 - see testimony. Motion carried to reject <br /> (unanimous) . <br /> Meeting adjourned. <br /> Respectfully submitted, <br /> CS:ms Charles Siewert <br />