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MINUTES <br /> REGULAR PLAN COMMISSION MEETING <br /> July 6, 1972 <br /> Members Present: Chairman William Shannon; Messrs. Gayle Bantner, Thomas Hamilton, <br /> Mead Killian, Al Krasnow, Richard Pottker, Charles Siegert, Richard <br /> Sorenson; Secretary Leah Cummins. <br /> Others Present: Mr. Thomas Rettenbacher, representing Village Administration; <br /> Mr. Robert Calkins, representing Centex Homes; <br /> Mademoiselle Michelle, the mystery woman - allegedly doing her <br /> master' s thesis on an in-depth study of Mr. Krasnow; <br /> Mr. George Long, a man whose quiet charm and poised manner will <br /> possibly be supplanted by a nervous facial tick by the time <br /> he obtains approval from this august body of planners, <br /> 1 . At 8:08 P.M. Chairman Shannon called the greeting to order and directed the <br /> Secretary to read the minutes, which were approved by those present. <br /> 2. New Business: <br /> At 8: 19 P.M, Chairman Shannon opened the public hearing known as Docket 72-6 - a <br /> petition to rezone from M-2 to B-1 , the property located at the southwest corner <br /> of Greenleaf and Busse. A record of these proceedings is on file in the Village <br /> Clerk' s office. The hearing closed at 9:02 P.M. and by lifting his wand, Chair- <br /> man Shannon transformed the Zoning Board members into Plan Commissioners, to <br /> the astonishment of Mead Killian, and away they went to tackle the evening' s <br /> agenda. <br /> A. Docket 72-6. it was moved by Hamilton, seconded by Krasnow that consent be <br /> given to the just-concluded petition to rezone from M-2 to B-1 that property <br /> next to the Fire Station for the purposes of a restaurant. All members voted <br /> AYE. <br /> B. Preliminary and final plats of subdivision on Higgins Industrial Park Units <br /> 89 and 90. It was decided to hold this item pending receipt of the Engineer' s <br /> report. <br /> 3. Unfinished Business: <br /> A. Zoning Ordinance. Mead Killian made a recommendation to rewrite article 3.93 <br /> to clarify regulations for off-premises parking, and to submit this amendment <br /> to the Trustees with a cover letter written in confusing language - as a <br /> strategy of attracting attention. <br /> Mead Killian suggested the Pian Commission recommend to the Trustees that <br /> the standards of noise level be brought up to the 1971 published standards. <br /> Mead Killian also posed the interesting situation whereby residential <br /> districts in our latest revised proposed Zoning Ordinance are exempt from <br /> conformance to any noise and odor standards. Commission members pondered <br /> this matter and, in consideration of the fact that, for example, apartment <br /> incinerators can pollute the air and create bad odors, and whereas for eNample, <br /> Mr. Krasnow' s air conditioner can emit loud noises beyond his lot: line to the <br />