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MINUTES <br /> REGULAR PIAN COMMISSION MEETING <br /> April 6, 1972 <br /> Members Present: Chairman William Shannon; Messrs . Thomas Hamilton, <br /> Gayle Bantner, Richard Pottker, Ted Staddler, Al Krasnow, <br /> Richard Sorenson, Charles Siewert; Mrs . Leah Cummins . <br /> Others Present: Mr. Thomas Rettenbacher, representing Village Administration; <br /> Messrs . Schwartz and Castleton of United Development; Mr. <br /> Anderson of A . J. Rogers Company; Mr. Calkins of Centex <br /> Homes , Inc. <br /> 1 . The Chairman convened the meeting at 8:04 p.m . and asked that the minutes <br /> of the March 16, 1972 meeting be read by the Secretary. Minutes were <br /> approved by all present . <br /> 2 . Unfinished Business: <br /> A . Higgins Industrial Park Unit No. 80 . <br /> It was moved by Siewert, seconded by Krasnow that this plat be approved . <br /> Voting AYE - all members present. <br /> Higgins In Park Unit No. 79 . <br /> This item was postponed pending receipt by the Plan Commission of <br /> departmental recommendations . <br /> Higgins Industrial Park Unit No. 82 . <br /> It was noted that this plat shows no easement for the 92 foot Commonwealth <br /> Edison right of way. It was moved by Hamilton, seconded by Bantner <br /> that approval of this plat be given, subject to provision of the ten foot <br /> easement on the northwest corner of the property. Voting AYE - Hamilton, <br /> Bantner, Staddler, Krasnow, Sorenson, Siewert, Cummins . Voting NAY - <br /> Pottker. Mr. Pottker explained his vote as an expression of protest to <br /> "consistent inconsistencies on plats submitted to the Commission" . <br /> B. Elk Grove Industrial Park Unit No. 3 . <br /> Suggest we hold for departmental approval. <br /> C. Rogers Industrial Park Unit No. 6. <br /> Motion was made to approve (Krasnow - Hamilton) . Carried unanimously. <br /> D. Gatzke - Public Street. <br /> Suggested we hold for Engineer's approval. Also, it was recommended that <br /> we suggest that the developer consider renaming the proposed dedicated <br /> street from Bond to the same as the street it connects with on the south . <br />