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MINUTES <br /> REGULAR PLAN COMMISSION MEETING <br /> JANUARY 6, 1972 <br /> Members Present: Chairman Shannon; Messrs . Siewert, Pottker, Krasnow; <br /> Mrs . Cummins . <br /> Others present for a portion of the meeting: The Honorable President Zettek, <br /> Trustees Vanderweel and O'Brien, Village Clerk McGrenera . <br /> Dr. Schumer, Mr. Bill Carroll. <br /> 1 . The meeting opened at 8:17 p.m . with a public hearing which is <br /> officially recorded in a separate document, referred to as Docket 72-1 <br /> - Rezoning from M-2 Heavy Industrial to B-1 Business District (Sauer's <br /> Restaurant) . <br /> 2 . At 8:50 p.m. the regular meeting convened. Minutes of the meeting <br /> of December 16, 1971 were read by the Secretary and approved by <br /> the members . <br /> 3 . Unfinished Business: <br /> A . Boardwalk Subdivision. <br /> JPZ Committee members Mrs . Vanderweel and Mr. O'Brien appeared <br /> to review with the Plan Commission the residual doubts and questions <br /> that we and they had on this plan. They reported to us that our <br /> concern about the Western emergency access to this property had <br /> been taken care of in a transaction between the developer and <br /> Centex Corporation. They discussed the problem of a no-parking <br /> area on the Western boundary and how it could be handled. They <br /> asked for clarification of our thinking with regard to the two varia- <br /> tions inherent in the plan, that is , the requirement for elevators <br /> and the thirty-foot distance between buildings . They felt that they <br /> had enough of the rationale of our position to be able to interpret <br /> our approval to the Village Board at its next meeting . <br /> B. Preliminary of Centex North Stage II. <br /> Departmental reports confirm and strengthen the previously expressed <br /> opinion of the Plan Commission that the curve in the road must be <br /> straightened. Chairman Shannon said he will notify the developer <br /> of the basis for our decision on this , with a copy of his communication <br /> to the Village Board . <br /> C . McLennan's 19 acres - rezoning from county residential to M-1 . <br /> Mr. Willis' report of December 14, 1971 removes any doubt whatso- <br /> ever that the sewerage treatment facilities are totally inadequate <br />