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c <br /> i <br /> Minutes of regular Plan Commission Meeting held on January 6, 1972 <br /> Page 2 <br /> for the development of this property. <br /> It therefore was moved by Siewert, seconded by Pottker, to <br /> recommend to the Village Board that the rezoning request be granted <br /> with restriction on land development hinging on adequate sewerage <br /> treatment being furnished; this restriction for land development <br /> of the subject property is based on the report of the Village Engineer. <br /> Voting AYE - all members present. <br /> E . Section 12 - 10th Addition. <br /> The plat was corrected by showing the public utilities easement on <br /> the back of the property line . <br /> Approval of this plat was moved by Cummins, seconded by Siewert. <br /> Voting AYE - all members present. <br /> D. Parcel C . <br /> The Plan Commission members , after having studied department <br /> reports, decided that Chairman Shannon should advise the developer <br /> of the following requirements that must be met in order for us to <br /> render a positive recommendation to the Village Board: <br /> a All street widths must be 28 feet. <br /> b. The cul-de-sac must be increased to a 60 foot radius or to <br /> the Fire Chief's recommended minimum radius for a turnaround <br /> on areas 313 and 314. (Mr. Pottker's committee will ascertain <br /> this information from the Chief.) <br /> c. There must be provision for visitor parking areas . <br /> F. Improved notice of public hearings . Mrs . Cummins advised that <br /> Arlington Heights had recently approved an ordinance of this same <br /> nature , which she has requested, and will share with the Plan <br /> Commission as soon as she receives it. <br /> 4. Committee Reports - none. <br /> 5 . Chairman's Report - Town House Additions . <br /> Mr. Shannon will request from Village Departments the backup data <br /> regarding density, land cover and distance between buildings that the <br /> requested town house additions will have on the planned unit as a whole . <br /> 6. Building Commissioner's Report. <br /> In the absence of Mr. Rettenbacher, there was no report on the plat <br /> checklist or any other matter. <br />